Monday, July 27, 2015


So along with the living room, our kitchen and dining area is also in the main room when you first walk into our house.  We liked this house a lot because they used the exact same Ikea cabinets we picked out last year for our future hypothetical kitchen remodel.  The kitchen has good bones and lots of storage, and the updates needed are all cosmetic ones!

We want to eventually upgrade all the appliances to stainless steal, change the stove to a slide in, and change the mounted microwave/exhaust into an exhaust hood with no cabinets, tiles up to the ceiling. We also plan on replacing the countertops and backsplash. We'll add in black granite counter tops and marble subway tile to the main kitchen cabinets and then we'll paint the island black and install white quartz counter tops.
The kitchen leads into this funny little space that the previous tennents were using as a dining nook.  I think our table could probably fit over there, but we haven't tried it yet! 
We also have two skylights in the kitchen!!!!  
Then around the corner from the fridge is this panty!  We haven't even put a single thing in there yet!
Here's the view from the living room:
So far, we've put this navy oriental rug down that used to be my grandmas.  I'd eventually like a pinker toned rug in here, but this works great for now!
We also bought a new fridge!!  It was taller than the old one, so we removed the cabinet that was on top and plan to buy a smaller one to install soon.  Next, we need to replace the stove!

Here is the inspiration for our kitchen:

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  1. So exciting, the kitchen is the most fun, can't wait to see it all completed!

  2. We have twinsie fridges! This was one of the only ones that fit in the space that our builder gave us, and so far we love it (but our cubed ice comes out as mostly crushed...let me know if you have that problem too or if we need to get ours fixed!).


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