Thursday, July 30, 2015

Guest Room

Yay!!  We finally have a real guest room!!!  We've already had two sets of guests before we even got a mattress in there!  We better hurry and get this room ready!

I stumbled across this picture and immediately fell in love with it for guest room inspiration!
Including the puppy. Tim, pleeeasseeee????  

Navy, black & white, floral print, and black & white graphic print?  Perfect!
As much as a love the fabric our old bed is covered in, I'm excited to try something new with a velvet navy fabric headboard!
Here's the initial design I had in mind:
Eh??  I can't wait to go all Monica over this room!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


OK, now it's time for my favorite mood board!  Well, it's tied for the top three with the kitchen and the laundry room (can't wait to post that one!!).  Our bedroom mood board was the first one I made after our offer was accepted!!

So here is the before shot in all it's glory:

It's at the back of the house and is the darkest room by far.  There's no walk in closet like I wanted, but it's bigger than our old room, enough for either a sitting area or to build some built in closets so....that's what I plan to do!

My big inspiration here is this dark floral wallpaper from Ellie Cashman:
You've probably seen pictures of this wallpaper floating around from Cupcakes and Cashmere's bathroom.  I'm obsessed!  I ordered a sample of it and framed it in my bathroom in our condo, but covering the wallpaper with glass was just not doing it!  Thankfully, I broke the glass in the frame while we were moving, and was reminded how incredibly beautiful this paper is!  I can't wait to hang it up in our bedroom!!

Here are some more of my inspirations:

Isn't this the most gorgeous bedroom!?!?




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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Right between the living room and kitchen, you can walk into our hallway which leads to our bedroom, a closet, a bathroom, and a guest room.  The view below is if you walk into the hallway and turn right, looking into our bedroom with the bathroom on the left and the living room on the right.

This small space is perfect for a big statement, but since I tend to decorate fairly boldly everywhere, I'm planning on keeping it simple in here.  Also, the ceiling in really low in just the hallway for some reason, so it makes it feel a little more claustrophobic.  
I think a nice simple black and white paint job will be perfect.  Black on the bottom, plain white on top!  
Moving on, here's our bathroom:

It's got good bones, including a nice size closet, but of course I want to redo it :)  We both love our builder grade shower, so I might not end up redoing that after all!  Or maybe not for awhile!  All the built in storage is so nice!!  And the tub is beautiful with the moulding on the outside!!  

So here's what I am planning on doing:

- Tiling the floor with 3" hexagon marble tile


- Tearing out the built in closet and converting the vanity into a double (some people think it's crazy to get rid of a closet in the bathroom, but we really think a double vanity would work better for us!


- Tiling up 3/4 of the walls with white subway marble, and adding an accent band of 1" marble hexagon tile




I was also planning on replacing the shower walls with marble tile up to the ceiling, and probably still will one day, but not in the first round :).  Finally, adding on a shower door will be the last step (but I love the shower curtain we bought right before we sold our condo, so it will be nice to use it for a good amount of time!!!!!!!)

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More inspiration:

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Monday, July 27, 2015


So along with the living room, our kitchen and dining area is also in the main room when you first walk into our house.  We liked this house a lot because they used the exact same Ikea cabinets we picked out last year for our future hypothetical kitchen remodel.  The kitchen has good bones and lots of storage, and the updates needed are all cosmetic ones!

We want to eventually upgrade all the appliances to stainless steal, change the stove to a slide in, and change the mounted microwave/exhaust into an exhaust hood with no cabinets, tiles up to the ceiling. We also plan on replacing the countertops and backsplash. We'll add in black granite counter tops and marble subway tile to the main kitchen cabinets and then we'll paint the island black and install white quartz counter tops.
The kitchen leads into this funny little space that the previous tennents were using as a dining nook.  I think our table could probably fit over there, but we haven't tried it yet! 
We also have two skylights in the kitchen!!!!  
Then around the corner from the fridge is this panty!  We haven't even put a single thing in there yet!
Here's the view from the living room:
So far, we've put this navy oriental rug down that used to be my grandmas.  I'd eventually like a pinker toned rug in here, but this works great for now!
We also bought a new fridge!!  It was taller than the old one, so we removed the cabinet that was on top and plan to buy a smaller one to install soon.  Next, we need to replace the stove!

Here is the inspiration for our kitchen:

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Living Room!

Yay!!  So happy to be sharing pictures of our new house with everyone!!!  I still can't belive it!!! It's crazy how nice it is not to have neighbors stomping all over your head all day long!

So the first thing you see when you walk in our front door is our living room.
Well actually, when you walk in, the living room is on the right, and the kitchen is on the left.  In the picture below, you can see the front door on the left there:

So when we bought the place, half of the house had popcorn ceilings with the ever so desirable asbestos.  Now, we could have left it as is and been fine, but we wanted opted to have the ceilings scraped by an asbestos removal service before we moved in just to be safe (and so the ceilings would be pretty!).  We decided to paint them ourselves after to save a little money.  I even bought a paint sprayer because I wanted one anyway and figured it would help make the painting so fast.  We were planning on painting the ceilings in three rooms that we had scraped, as well as painting over the living room walls just so they'd be white until we decided what color to paint them in the future.

Well, our paint sprayer isn't quite as powerful as I imagined.  It will be great for certain projects in the future (like painting our shed out back, which I'm currently working on!), but for this much painting in such a short time frame, it wasn't cutting it.  We only had a couple hours to paint everything before moving in the next morning, and, the worst part was that all our overhead lights were taken down as part of the asbestos scraping so we didn't have any light once it got dark!!!!

Anyway, after wasting too much time on the paint sprayer, we ran out and bought extension poles and just started rolling the ceilings to get as much done as possible!  We just managed to get the ceilings painted and a really haphazard first layer on the living room walls before we called it a night.  At least our ceilings look fantastic!!!!!!!
Ahhhh white-ish!  Don't mind the half-assed walls!
And then it was moving day!!!

Being who I am, I of course got everything unpacked almost immediately and sort-of put away.  I'm sure I'll reorganize where everything goes a hundred times, but at least it's mostly put away for now!!

So that's what the living looks like today!  The only thing new is the coffee table, which is almost the same as the one we had in our condo, but I sold that one to a friend and bought a different size for the house.  I ran out of gold paint in the middle of painting it, so there's some black sides still!  I used a vinyl faux marble sticker on the bottom shelf!
(Sorry for the blurry iPhone pic;  it's been too crazy to break out the real camera!)
Here's the inspiration for the future!

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