Monday, June 8, 2015

Mt Tamalpais- East Peak

Day two of Memorial Day weekend started with a hike!
We all went up to Mount Tamalpais and hiked up the East Peak hike.  It's just over.25 miles, so it was a nice little chance to get a little exercise in between all the wine!  You could also start way earlier and combine trails for a longer hike!  

This hike has sweeping views of the bay area!!!  So pretty!

The fog parted just as we were leaving so we could just barely glimpse the Golden Gate Bridge!

We always have so much fun with these people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After our hike, it was on to San Francisco!!  

If you missed the beginning, here's part one of our trip to Sonoma!

In the meantime, visit our travels page here or here!  

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