Monday, June 15, 2015


It's been awhile since I've done a monthly update...whoops!  It's already mid June, but here's an April/May recap!
We're still remembering the gorgeous view up at Cooper's Mountain during the helicopter tour we got to go on!
We have this amazing view every night from the bathroom we're using at my grandma's house, where we're staying until we find a house!  Gorgeous huh?
We were craving yummy Aloha Ramen coming back from Spain!  Always hits the spot!!  This is their tan tan ramen, delicious!
A friend sent us a free week of Blue Apron and we loved it!!! Can't wait to get more deliveries in the future!

^  My favorite recipe that I keep remaking!!

Making the most of our last weekends in our old condo with a trip to our favorite coffee shop/newly turned wood fire pizza joint!
They just started serving their pizza menu recently...oh my, it was worth the wait!!!
And the ice cream cookie sandwich....I can't good.
Seeing the Preservation Hall Jazz Band at Benaroya Hall in Seattle!  We saw them last fall in New Orleans as well!
Beautiful city views while house hunting with friends!!
Tamarind tree rolls at Long Provincial might just be the greatest things ever!
Beautiful sunny days and nights in Lake Chelan!!

We swung by our favorite winery, Karma, in the area on the way home  :) :) :)  Love their cheese plate!!
Look at that dragonfruit!
The end of April was filled with this site:

But we made up for that sight with this gorgeous view at Percy's while grabbing drinks with friends!!
Someone is leaning how to beg:
More pretty sunsets!
Dinner with besties before seeing Phantom of the Opera- my favvvvvorite!!

^^ <3 p="">
Tim and I saw it again the week before :)  Opps!
On Mother's Day we took Mia to the dog park, and she ran right into this family's group photo :)
Tim and his mom!
The whole gang at Mother's Day brunch!
Toasting our condo sale!!

Isn't this the most gorgeous salad ever?  That's rhubarb relish on top :)
Celebrating a close friend's birthday!
Love these boys!
Love these girls!
More Thai food, what can I say?
We accidentally accumulated quite the wine collection this spring!
I introduced my grandma to Moscow Mules!  Yum!!
And now it's time for puppy overload!

^ getting comfy at grandma's!
My parents came to visit and we all went out to lunch at a Mia-friendly joint (if you haven't been to Bongo's before, you must!) and she helped herself to my dad's water!
What a cutie!

Living the life:

We have a new addition to the family...this adorable sloth!  I'm totally going to hang him front plants in our future house!
It was a good spring!!  It flew by between Spain, Manson, Boston, Sonoma, and packing up our condo!!  I'm excited to be on to summer and ready to relax :)!


  1. Love your red bathing suit! Classically classic : )
    And your pup, so freakin' cute!

    1. Thanks!! It's quickly become my favorite suit (from ModCloth)!


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