Thursday, May 14, 2015

We Moved!!!

Tim and I secretly put our condo up for sale the day we left for Spain, got two offers the first day, and we closed yesterday!

It's been a whirlwind.

We honestly had 100% decided that we were going to spend another five years in our condo after not selling last summer (long story short, we had an offer, but it fell through when the buyer decided she had to have hard wood floors, which aren't allowed in our building.  By time we got back on the market, another unit in our building listed theirs for way way way below our asking price because they had just had a baby and wanted to sell asap. Soooo, we just cut our losses and went off the market).

However, just a couple days before we left for Spain, Tim and I made a rash decision that we just wanted to sell now.  Our reasoning for staying put in the condo was that we had enough extra money now that we could travel a lot more often over the next few years while trying to save up for a down payment on the side.

But, as real life tends to get in the way, I've been actively working on quelling my anxiety, and traveling, as much as I absolutely love it, was starting to make me too anxious, so it just feels right for us to work towards buying a house instead.  While our travels have always been super important to us, the majority of our days are spent at home, and we want to find zen in our home and in our lives.  We have simply outgrown our beloved condo.  Our first home as a married couple. Tear!

We're now staying at my grandma's house in Edmonds while we look for a house/wait out the incredibly insane housing market that's happening in Seattle right now!  The commute sucks, but we love having all this space and natural light here!

TLDR version:  We are so happy to be moving on to the next chapter in our life!  Tomorrow I'll post a final house tour!

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  1. Yay yay yaaaaay! So proud of you!! ::Dancing in celebration::


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