Monday, May 4, 2015

Seville, Spain

Back to recapping our trip to Spain!!!  I already told you about Barcelona, touring soccer stadiums, and exploring the fun architecture (including Gaudi!)

After four days in Barcelona, we hopped on a plane to Seville.  Why did we choose to fly?  A high speed train would have taken 5.5 hrs and cost almost $200 each.    A flight took us 1.5 hrs (plus transit to airports, so closer to 2.25 hrs) and cost $40 each.  It's all about weighing time & cost when traveling around Europe.  It's so amazing that they have so many options to get around easily and efficiently.  

Seville.  It such a magical town!  Chock full of narrow alleyways, cobble streets, and the most amazing detailed tile.   
We were in Seville during Santa Semana, or Holy Week.  It was coincidental planning on our part! Seville has some of the biggest celebrations and parades and we got to see a lot of them!  We didn't know what the costumes looked like beforehand, so when we ran into a group of people dressed like this:

We were taken aback!  People were dressed in many color variations, but we never quite got used to seeing the white ones!

90 degree weather meant that we spent a lot of time laying next to the pool!  The great thing about Spain is that people are going all the time, and things are open early and late, so we weren't tied to attractions at certain times.  

The Seville Cathedral was the most breathtaking building!!  We couldn't stop staring at it!

Right next to the cathedral was the Real Alcazar, which I'll show you more of in an upcoming post!! 

Such cool fort walls!

Here you can see the chairs being set up for the parade, they cost a ton of money!
So many crowds to fight through!!

With all the little alleyways, you could easily get stuck for hours!  We had to be very strategic to make our way to meet our tapas tour!

We also saw an amazing flamenco show at Museo del Baile Flamenco!!

So neat to see!  In the next couple posts I'll share our hotel that we loved, and the Real Alcazar and Plaza de Espana!

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