Monday, May 11, 2015


Madrid...what a gorgeous city!!  Filled with the most beautiful architecture, stylish people, and class. 
After a couple days in Seville, we hopped on a high speed AVE train up to Madrid.  Two hour train ride from city center to city center!
The Statue of the Bear and the Strawberry Tree, which comes from the coat of arms for Madrid:

We had to stop by Chocolateria San Gines, Madrid's most famous churros cafe.  

What really drew me to Madrid was the architecture.  Ok, I talk about the awesome architecture in most of the cities we visit, but that's the best part!  I'm a very visual person, and seeing how every city sets the atmosphere through architectural style is so interesting. Madrid is full of beautifully detailed white buildings.  

But first, we stopped by the Royal Palace of Madrid.  

Walking down Grand Via was a sight!  So many gorgeous buildings line either side of the street; it's breathtaking to walk down!  
This Schweppes sign on the Carrion Building is iconic in Madrid.  


Can you tell that I can't get enough??

The only disappointment was the Metropolis Building.  I had been dying to see this amazing building in person, only to find it covered in a Samsung Galaxy sign.  Whomp whomp. Major bummer, but the top was still gorgeous!!

Click here to see what it looks like!

We went up to this rooftop bar across the street from the Metropolis Building and spent the afternoon laying in the sun and looking at the view.  It was heavenly!

Adorable set up at The Principal!
Afterwards, we walked along to Plaza Cibeles and through the park.  

Parque del Retiro was absolutely gorgeous as well, in keeping with the city!  This here is The Monument to King Alfonso XII:

And of course, the Crystal Palace!
We went to the Museo Reina Sofía (free hours M,W-Sa 7-9 and Sun 1:30-7) but didn't make it to the Prado Museum unfortunately!
Madrid was also very peaceful.  The city seemed very calm, happy, cheerful, etc.  I felt at ease there (except when we both came down with the flu the last two days of our trip!!).  

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