Friday, May 15, 2015

Final House Tour

In case you missed it yesterday, Tim and I said goodbye to our first home as a married couple this week.
I most definitely cried like a baby when we locked our door for the last time and left.  There was plenty of stuff that we won't miss about this place, but overall, we loved our little condo and will miss it like crazy!  We've had a ton of great memories over the last six years, and will forever miss the convenient location.  We learned a lot of DIY and about home ownership here, but there's still a lot left to learn!
We made some amazing friendships here;  I'll miss living ten feet away from one of the greatest girls, Lara!  I loved all the impromptu wine nights with all the girls in the building, and the monthly neighbor get together.  We really built a little neighborly community in our building, and I'm already missing it!!

Here's a final walkthrough of our first home:

Ahh, I'm going to miss this place so bad!!

You can find more photos, tours, and individual posts through our Emerald Home Tour page!!


  1. love the last pic :)

    excited to see what's next for you guys! And I'm sure you'll be inspired all over again to make more beautiful rooms. :)

  2. Still so incredibly impressed at your interior decorating skills!

  3. where are you headed? Love your style!


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