Friday, April 3, 2015

Seattle Eats Part III

Back again with more delicious Seattle bars and restaurants!

My brother's bff from childhood manages this place, so it's extra special!  It's a wood fire pizza restaurant that serves 14+ craft beers on tap.  We first got to check out The Masonry when my brother was in town visiting last August.  They love their sour beers there (and so do we!), and we love their beer list.  It's not stuff that you find in every other bar in Seattle!

These beers are Space Dust by Elysian Brewing and Lil' Brainless Raspberries by Epic Brewing Co. 

We ordered the Butter Lettuce salad and The Polynesian pizza.  Both so good!  The salad had the yummiest roasted chickpeas and cranberries, and the pizza was delicious!  It was a little spicier than we expected, but with the most amazing mixture of teriyaki and pineapple flavors.  To die for!

 ....oh and did I mention the Molten Chocolate Cake?  So fluffy, so delicious!

So good that we went here twice last month!  Rocco's has the most amazing decor, just feast your eyes:
Photo Credit
Photo Credit
Rocco's Shrub Cocktail is on Seattle Met's 25 Best Cocktails in Seattle list.  It's such an interesting drink!  I'd never heard of a shrub before, but it's like a sugary fruity liqueur (read more here).  Rocco's cocktail is a DIY drink- they give you your choice of shrub, a spirit, and club soda.  I tried the Pineapple-Paprika-Champagne Vinegar with Plantation Rum and give it two thumbs up!

Besides cocktails and drinks, we loved the pizza here!  You can grab a slice or a whole pizza, and it's just flat out delicious.   New York style pizza with classic flavors and unique combos like Tikka-Tikka-Tikka and Pear, and fresh salads with crispy parmesan crisps. You'll be seeing us back here again!

We took way too long to check out Still, and we will definitely be back!  If not or anything else, check out this old fashioned juice press used to make cocktails:
We had fun watching the bar tender work that all night!
^ Bobby Burns
^ Hemingway Daiquiri

^ Libby's Mai Tai and Winnipeg
We didn't try out any of the food at Still, but we will definitely be back for more cocktails!  Every one we tried was so amazingly fresh and mixed perfectly!  

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