Monday, April 13, 2015


Hola from Spain!!!

We actually arrived back home last week, but I just finished sorting pictures!  We arrived in Barcelona, stayed for three days, then went two days in Seville, and ended with three days in Madrid.

I think this was the most action packed, filled to the brim trip we've ever taken!  That expression 'I need a vacation from my vacation' couldn't be more true!   We both got sick the last two days of the trip, so our flight home was horrendous, and that sickness has stuck around all week.  Phew!

Regardless, Spain was amazing: the architecture, the food, the friendly people, and the sunny weather!  

We stayed in an AirBNB in Barcelona right off of La Rambla, the main boulevard through the downtown area.  This is the view from the patio!
La Rambla:

Stevie, the adorable dog staying in the flat with us!

We loved all the streets!

Spontaneous trip to Bliss Spa at W

We tried to catch a show at the 'Magic Fountain' (Font Magica de Montjuic), but the schedule on the website was wrong.  Still a pretty site though!

Selfies on the roof!

Adios!  See more travel posts here or here!


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