Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Barcelona: Gaudi Architecture

Antoni Gaudi was a Catalanian artist famous for his use of ceramic tile.  He famously uses the technique of 'trencadis,' which uses broken recycled tiles to create mosaics.

There are four main sites in Barcelona:  La Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Casa Batllo, and Parc Guell. We visited them all except for Casa Mila, and they were amazing!

Sagrada Familia:
This building was started in 1882 and they don't estimate finishing it until 2026!!

We went up the Passion tower to see the view!

Casa Batllo:
I'm not sure how to describe Casa Batllo.  It's looks like a house, but I'm not sure if it was ever occupied, or always considered an art exhibit.  It's filled with stained glass and mosaic tiles, and it's absolutely breathtaking.  It was our favorite Gaudi site!  

We had to pay for the fun picture they set up on one of the little patios!

Parc Guell

Lastly, we heard how amazing the sunset was from Parc Guell, so we timed our trip in order to see the sunset.  

The park is so enchanting; it feels like a fairy creature play land.  It's such a colorful, fun park to enjoy the view from!

There was a large around surrounded by these seats that were decorated with colorful mosaics.  We just loved walking around and looking at all the various designs and tiles!

There's also an adorable lizard hanging out!

So many pretty tiles!  What a fun site to see!

And of course, the reason why we came, to watch the sunset!  Beautiful!

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