Sunday, March 15, 2015

Washer & Dryer

We got a new washer and dryer!!!!!!!
Here's a really old photo of hallway from years back, and how it looks today:

We are SO excited to have them installed and after having used them for the last three weeks, we don't know how we lived without them!

I won't get into the whole story, but we decided to go for new units in January.  We got an amazing deal at Home Depot, but after sevens week of being fed stories/excuses every week, we finally cancelled our order and went to Best Buy.  I would have never thought to go there for appliances, but I heard good reviews from a bunch of people, and now we can add our review to the list.  They were amazing!  Great service, super helpful and personable, and we had our new washer and dryer installed five days later.  Amazing!
We didn't have many options to choose from because we needed very exact dimensions to fit into this closet.  Luckily, this LG washer and this dryer fit perfectly!  We aren't putting the door back on because we don't think it will fit (we didn't actually try it but we like looking at the new shiny units!)
The appliances themselves work wonderfully.  Then again, our old set took 5+ hours to dry even the smallest load and we only had one setting for washing or drying, so our standards are pretty low!  Now we never have to wait more than an hour and a half for anything to dry, and the machine will keep going until things are dry!  Amazing.

So many settings!
We're most impressed by all the pretty sounds and the jingles that play when cycles finish.  We can also fit a ton more clothes into each load.  We had about three weeks worth of laundry sitting around when these were installed and we washed everything in only two loads!!  

^^all the towels!!

We went back and forth on weather we should invest in a new washer and dryer if we end up trying to sell again, but ultimately decided to go for it to make our lives easier in the meantime.  When the installation team came, they said our exhaust hose was about to burn off, so we feel good about the purchase!
We made them look like they belong by adding the same peel and stick tile that we have in the kitchen and bathroom and painting as far back as we could reach.

One last before-and-after for you!
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  1. It is nice to have appliances that work well. They look nice in the space.


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