Monday, March 2, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

Tim and I aren't normally big celebrators of Valentine's Day.  We started dating when we both worked in restaurants, so we were always working on the holiday, and our anniversary is in March, so we usually save all our fancy festivities until then!

But this year, we happened to be heading to Lake Chelan with my parents for Valentine's Day weekend (and it fell on a Saturday this year!), so it was the perfect opportunity to go all out!

We went to a fancy dinner at Sorrento's, which is part of Tsillian Cellars, one of the most popular wineries in Chelan! 
It was a nice fancy Italian feast!  The food was delicious and I highly recommend a meal at Sorrento's while in Lake Chelan!

We also got each other some gifts!  

My half birthday is 2/13, and my friends and I always used to jokingly celebrate our half birthdays growing up, so Tim and I have continued the tradition a little bit!  So I got two sets of earrings!!  Such a lucky girl :)

I got Tim a new wedding band...don't ask....he lost his old one....twice!!  He's been ring-less for a couple years so it was time to get him one!

And the most important part of Valentine's Day weekend.....Mia's birthday!!!  Our little snuggle love bug turned two this year!  Happy birthday Mia bo Bia!

My mom got her this giant soccer ball, which she loves!  She also loves the dinosaur toy her dad picked out for her, but not so much the cute flamingo I picked out!

Honestly, her favorite toy right now is the little squeaker she dug out of some other toy...she carries this around day and night...
 Love her!
Hope you all had a lovely love day!!

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