Friday, March 13, 2015

Seattle Eats Part II

Happy Friday folks!  Tonight, Tim and I are going to try a new restaurant, Bottle and Bull, in Kirkland for a friend's birthday.   I'm willing to bet that Tim orders the Cubano- mmm!  And that cocktail list is calling my name!

We love a good restaurant and a good cocktail!  Here are some of our favorites in Seattle (See the first round here!):

We often stop by Cafe Kopi for a healthy weekend breakfast.  They're crossanwiches are soo delicious- well, OK, I like to think so if I'm adding spinach!  They also have veggie sausage patties and fresh juices!

Gotta love a place with funny signs :)

If we're not at Cafe Kopi, we're walking to Boardroom Cafe, which is just down the street from us and is dog friendly.  They have the most amazing menu filled with fresh, healthy ingredients (and some not-so-healthy like their Nutella good!!)  They also have sophisticated and unique coffee- pour over anyone?  Lavender honey latte?  Don't mind if I do!

Boardroom Cafe is opening up a wood fire pizza place right next door, and we are dying for it to be done!!  It should be opening any day...mmmm!!

We don't often order food for delivery, but when we do, it usually comes from Saffron Grill.  Indian food is this year's Thai food to me, so we've been frequenting this restaurant a lot this year.  It's one of the highest rated Indian restaurants in Seattle, and happens to be a few minutes drive away- can't beat that!  They have a good happy hour in their bar, but I prefer a real meal when we go!  Oh yeah- most importantly, the food is so good!  The best naan, and every entree I've ever ordered- pretty much all the vegetarian ones- has been fantastic!

Toulouse Petit is famous for a few things in Seattle:  the best happy hour, amazing brunch, and of course, Cajun food.  Tim and I haven't been for brunch yet, but the happy hour is amazing!!  The menu goes on and on, and the atmosphere is so lounge-y.  Love it, love it, love it!

I love ordering the creamy corn grits and mixing them with the mashed potatoes, and the rice & beans are to die for.
I recently celebrated Mardi Gras with my bff from preschool, and loved their celebration!  They went all out with green, purple, and gold balloons, intricate masks everywhere, and a live jazz band blasting out the best tunes!  A friend of mine manages here, so you must stop by!

Zoe Yogurt

We go to Zoe Yogurt way more often than I'm willing to admit!!  The best part about this place is all the amazing flavors they come up with!  Every time we're in there, they're all different, and all sooo good!  I also love that they have fresh cut up fruit and the best hot fudge sauce!

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  1. If i'm that predictable ordering food why does it always take me so long to decide? haha


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