Friday, March 20, 2015

Lo & Sons OMG Bag

The first thing on my travel wish list was the OMG bag from Lo & Sons.  Raved about by many bloggers, and named the best carry-on bag by Wirecutter, I've been wanting one of my own for years!
Well, I finally ordered one during of of the frequent 20% off sales (one's going on right now!).
There are two different sizes, the OG and the OMG bag.  The OG, or Overnight & Gym Bag, is an inch bigger in width and depth, and 1.5" taller than the OMG aka Overnight & Medium Gym bag. Honestly, I can't imagine carrying a bigger bag than the OMG.  This bag is right about the biggest size I would ever carry as my personal item, but it's still small enough that I would feel comfortable carrying it as a work bag.  I haven't tried it out with gym clothes, but it seems like it would be perfect for that as well.  
I'm totally in love with all the gold hardware!  The bag is nylon, but has a really structured shape and it looks totally classy.  I absolutely love it!
The back of the bag has a sleeve that zips shut on the top and the bottom.  You can either leave the bottom zipped and use it as an extra pocket, or, you can unzip both and use it to secure your bag to your rolling luggage!!
How genius is that?

It also comes with a dust cover like all nice bags should.
The interior has lovely lavender fabric and lots of pockets!

In the main compartment there is a padded laptop sleeve, and another pocket adjecent.  On the opposite side are two large pockets big enough to hold a tablet and a zipper compartment behind those.
On the side of the bag, there is a shoe compartment, which takes up part of the interior compartment when being used.  You can see a little ball of fabric in the side of the middle area down below, that is the fabric for the shoe compartment that can roll up out of place and secured when not being used.
In the front outside zipper compartment, there are lots of little pockets for pens, phones, cards, etc, and another zippered pocket, along with a strap to attach keys.
The bag really can hold a lot.  Below are the items I plan to pack on my next trip (10 days in Spain).
Everything fits comfortably, mostly in the main compartment.  
The laptop sleeve is the perfect place for all my itinerary papers I bring along where ever we go. They always get wrinkled in my other carryons, so  I'm excited to see them stay fresh :).
In the front compartment, I put my liquids bag for easy removal in the security line, my passport for easy access at the airport, and a travel water bottle.  
Just for fun, here's how Tim's iPad mini fits:
In the shoe compartment, I threw in the umbrella:

Perfect fit!  

I also tried out the OMG as a weekender bag when we went to Lake Chelan.  It was a tad bit tight, but I brought a lot more clothes than I normally would, and included a really space-stealing blazer, and a big bulky sweater.  I packed two extra outfits and bigger pajamas than normal too.  Everything juuuust fit, but I threw that red sweater below in Tim's bag so I wouldn't stretch out the bag during it's first use.    I'd really like to try it on another weekend!
Having a shoe compartment on the bottom is the best!

All in all, I am very impressed with the OMG bag and I'm really glad I decided to buy it!

Get a Lo & Sons bag here!  Today's the last day for 20% off!

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