Wednesday, March 4, 2015


What a busy month!  February flew by (I know I say this every month, but I swear, every year the days go by quicker and quicker!!) with lots of fun.  Lots of fun nights with friends, holidays and festivities, and boring married stuff that we love!  Oh, and shopping :)

We started the month out by watching Superbowl  XLIX (Literally, it was on February 1st!).  We've been watching the Superbowl with the same three people since our first year in college (Tim's two best friends and one of their girlfriend-now-wife!).  Some years other people join, but it's always the five of us! 
This was the third time that Tim got to see his beloved Seahawks play!  Unfortunately, one of Tim's friends is a die hard Patriots fan, so while they were excited to finally have a Superbowl playing each other, the Patriots stole our win!

Mia's boyfriend Benji came over and they spent the whole time wrestling in their Seahawks jerseys until they passed out!

I got to see my ex-work boyfriend (he doesn't work with me anymore but I still call him my work husband!) and his girlfriend a couple times!  Love them! all time favorite musical is coming in May!! I've been so excited/anxiously waiting to buy tickets!! 
Think I got enough?  Don't worry, we're only going twice :)  We're just going with a group the second time!
Precious Mia!
Pre-Symphony wine with friends!
The picture above got lots of comments on Facebook about the lady behind us :) 

Yummy food and drinks as always!
Pretty pink flowers make me smile :)  I want to make a point of buying more flowers this year!
Our favorite fro-yo....mmmmm!

Can't get enough of this precious face!!
I was planning on going to the gym for half marathon training...whoops! 
Gorgeous sunrise on my half birthday :)!!
Stopped at our favorite Oktoberfest garden in Levenworth while driving to Lake Chelan!
If that's not a look of pure love on Tim's face, then I don't know what is!!
Waking up and falling asleep to beautiful views from our hotel!
My grandma sent this while puppy sitting Mia!  Look at that yawn!
Trying to interest Mia in the flamingo I got her for her birthday...she wasn't interested!
She loves rolling around in grass!
Love love love!
Got some new artwork from Minted and Etsy!  I made that artwork on the left, but it's inspired by this print here!

Celebrating Mardi Gras with my favorite preschool buddy!!!  Planning our upcoming high school reunion over delicious Cajun food at Toulouse Petit (amazing happy hour!) and wishing we were in New Orleans!

Mia having lots of fun at doggy day care! 
My mom and I split a subscription to Bark Box for Mia's birthday!  I'm going to post about it after I've gotten a couple boxes!  Loving the Mardi Gras theme of her first box!!
I recently finished reading 'Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald', and loved this quote.
We got a new washer and dryer!!!  I'll have to tell you about the fiasco of trying to get these when I post about them, but it's so worth all the hassle not to have plan to be home for 5+ hours at a time to turn the dryer back!
New favorite shirt from J Crew Factory!  I love floral prints (I may be 60 years old inside!). 
Can't remember where I got this picture from...I think I saved it from someone's Facebook post?  Anyway, I love this view of Seattle!!
Weekly iced coffee's with friends from work at the best coffee chop ever, Cafe Senso Unico! This place is legit people- a true Italian coffee shop!
Mia surrounded by birthday toys!
We love love love Naked City Brewery and try to go there once a month with all our neighbors.  They always have the best signs!! (See here!)
I talk about my disco balls like they're children, but look how pretty these dots are!!!  I need 20 more!!!

I saw another blog that does "Treat Yourself Tuesday"  I think I might have to do one of those posts because I bought myself lots of stuff this month!!
Speaking of Treat cute is this??  Want!

Happy February!  I'm excited for March!!  Pi Day, St Patrick's Day, Spain + our ten year anniversary!!!


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