Friday, February 13, 2015

Travel Wish List

Now that I've shared my favorite travel accessories with you, I also want to share whats on my wish list! I'm a sucker for having everything in it's place with a purpose, and am always striving to make our travel experiences as smooth as possible! Here's what I'm currently lusting after:

OK, I just waxed poetic about the Longchamp bag in my last post, but I am currently lusting hard after one of these Lo and Sons OMG bags. I first saw this years ago on Deliciously Organized, and have seriously been lusting after it ever since. I've been saving up my shopping budget, and I hope they have a sale in time to get it before we take off for Spain (spoiler alert, I actually bought this a few days ago because they're having a 20% off sale right now!)!! Since I use my Longchamp daily for work, I like to have a separate bag that's a special for traveling.

Seriously, look how organized and amazing this bag is! And I love that you can slide your luggage handle through a strap in the OMG. That's my one complaint about the Longchamp, it slides around easily!

It's just so cute! Tim and I always just share a suitcase when we're going away really breifly, but we also really want cute weekenders for over night and short trips! (Like this weekend, we're going to Lake Chelan!)

Tim is lusting after this overnight/carry on bag:
Isn't it cute? 

I haven't been able to bring myself to spend $45 on this yet, but seriously, the overly anxious, organized freak inside me wants it so bad! Cords are the worst! How amazing would it be to have them tucked away in an adorable gold roll? Must have...

I always put a water bottle in my packing pile, but never end up packing it. And then I always wish I did. One of these fold-able water bottles would be amazing! They don't take up hardly any space when empty! They are also supposed to be very durable! This would be especially great when in a really hot area during the summer when the exchange rate is not in your favor!

I've almost purchased this many times, because I almost always get sick from hotel air conditioning. $50 to make sure I don't get sick on a trip seems worth it, but it also is a lot of money on something that is just gimimcky. I always talk myself out of it!

I also have been wanting a pair of Birkenstock, but haven't pulled the trigger on those either!  Like I mentioned, we do a ton of walking, and I still haven't stepped up my foot comfort game.  Foot inserts help, but we also do a lot of sandal weather traveling, and I think a nice pair of white Birkenstock would be perfect for exploring cities!

Wide Angle Lens
This is kind of on the ultimate wish list for now.  Wide angle lenses are expensive!!!!  When we're in older cities like Boston and Europe, it's a lot harder to capture entire buildings because everything is so cramped together.  Ditto with our condo!  I'd love to be able to capture everything in one shot, but that's a lot of money to spend when I've not the best photographer in the world! 

So....if anyone wants to send me everything on this list, well, it's half birthday today!!! :) 

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