Monday, February 23, 2015

Seattle Eats

Seattle, like most major city, is filled with amazing food tucked into every corner.   Tim and I have a lot of favorite places, but love to try new restaurants and bars out as much as possible!!  Here are a few of the places that we went to in January (please forgive the quality of some of these cell phone pics!)!

One of our other favorites right near our house.  I must admit that 90% of the reason we love it so much is that the employees are so incredible friendly.  It doesn't hurt that their food is delicious as well!  Their falafel isn't my favorite in the city, but I still love it, and Tim loves the schawarma!  I'm also obsessed with their dolmades with tzatiki sauce!

Fresh guacamole- delicious.  We followed the chips & guac up with lots of tacos, rice, and beans!
We tried their 'Mexcalarita' which is one of the 25 Best Cocktails in Seattle.  The paprika around the rim was new to us, but surprisingly tasty!  The drink was like a smokey margarita- yum!

Tavern Law is the downstairs of speakeasy Needle & Thread.  You can access the speakeasy behind a very obvious bank door. We have yet to try out Needle & Thread  but went to Tavern Law on a whim because we got a parking spot right outside!

We are obsessed with fresh ramen, specifically from a place called Aloha Ramen.  They used to be located right near our house and we spent way too much time there (Tan Tan Ramen, oh goodness!!).  Then, they moved about 15 minutes away and it's always so packed that we haven't gone inside their new location yet!  So, we had to start looking at other ramen options.  Kukai was our first try!

Not quite as good as Aloha, but still pretty delicious! The flavor of my vegetarian meal wasn't quite as magical as Aloha Ramen, but it did the trick!  However, this is just making me crave Aloha Ramen so much more...

Evergreens is a new salad place that opened up in my work building.  The lines at this place are ridic.  Seriously, you can easily wait a half an hour!  I usually shy away from salad places for lunch because as a vegetarian, they aren't very filling, and most places don't have things like tofu, lentils, quinoa, etc.  Well I was pleasantly surprised to see a nice vegan salad with quinoa and chickpeas and edamame!  They also chop up your salad and mix the dressing really well so that its easy to eat right out of the container- and the sizes are very generous!  They also have a million dressings and ask you how heavy you like it.  Amazing!  It filled me up and was delicious!

Where ya at Matt is a food truck that always seems to be at one of our watering holes, Chuck's Hop Shop (you can bring your dogs!), but we never tried it until a few weeks ago.  I'm pretty snobby about Cajun food outside of New Orleans, but I was pleasently surprised at how delicious their veggie étouffée was!  Just the right amount of spice, filling, full of vegetables, so good!

This restaurant is so interesting.  It's got an Asian influence, the tables are made out of carved tree stumps, .  I tried it out with my neighbor and we both loved it!  The Menage-a-Thai was a collection of three curries that were absolutely to die for.  I will definitely be back to try out more menu items!  

This is my long time favorite bar.  It's a block away from work, and we spent a lot of time here during my first couple years on the job.  It closed down and switched management and it took awhile for us to come back, but now I'm re-addicted!  It's a small lounge that's got a classy vibe, and they offer free cheese and crackers during happy hour! 

We tried another 25 Best Cocktail in Seattle, the Inigo Montoya (it's the red drink on the left with the sword).  Pretty much all their cocktails are amazing; I wish I could remember what the drink on the right was, it was delicious!    

The bar is run by a bunch of cocktail geeks who are meticulous with every drink they craft.  Amazing!

This post is making my mouth water!! So much delicious food, so little time to eat it all!

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  1. love fellow foodies :)

    we are coming to seattle again in march, so i'm writing a few of these down!



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