Friday, February 20, 2015

Rome Part III

We did a lot of slow meandering around Rome...I mean seriously, we just eat pizza and walked around most of the time we were there!!  And it was the best!  I'm always go focused on going-going-going that sometimes I forget to slow down and just be.  Something about the atmosphere in Italy helps you do just that!  

Here are some extra pictures from Rome!

We also went to tour Vatican City, but I don't have many pictures!  We were on a guided tour and practically running through the museums and Sistine Chapel!!  It was great, but it would have been nice to slow down a little :)!!

St Peter's Square:
That wraps up our time in Rome and our European excursion all together!!

From the beginning, I posted about London, then Paris (Eiffel Tower & Arc de Triomphe), more Paris (Museums!), and the Montmartre region of Paris.  Then I posted our brief trip through Cinque Terre, ending with a post about the Coliseum & Ruins in Rome, the Trevi Fountain, and more Rome goodness!!

Hope you enjoyed the recap!  More travel links can be found on this page!

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