Monday, February 2, 2015

Julep Maven

Here is my review, from beginning to end, of my three month long subscription to Julep Maven, I'll say right now, I loved the idea of having a subscription and getting a package each month more than I liked the actual contents!
I have a love/hate relationship with nail polish.  I love how it looks when it's polished, but I'm not skilled enough to A. paint my nails smoothly and B. keep it from chipping by the next morning!  That's why I have a gel nail kit at home too; it takes longer to do your nails, but they are completely done when you finish, and actually last for awhile!

Julep isn't gel polish, it's regular polish, and they have a Maven program you can join to receive a monthly subscription full of nail polish and related products!!  There are four "personalities" to choose from each month, and I've always been Classic with a Twist.

The Pros:
  • Complete customization.  There are four set boxes, and you can swap out any or all the products to your heart' desire.  I may have taken over an hour to finalize my box the first month...
  • Adorable pink box, and the thrill of getting a package delivered
  • Lots of polish colors to choose from, as well as other beauty products
  • Great prices on additional products you want to buy

The Cons:
  • The wand is really hard to control.  Because it's so long, there's lots of dripping polish coming down the handle, and you can't really wipe it off because then you'd be redipping everything else...
  • At least with the polishes I've received (seven in total), the formulas are thick and streaky, and combined with the hard to use brush, I have a hard time making my polish look nice.

At the end of the day, I knew it wasn't worth continuing my subscription when I didn't even like the nail polish!  I loved the program and I really wanted to continue with it, but alas.   It was still fun while it lasted!
Box One:
Two polishes and a gel eye liner (which I love!)
Box Two:  Three nail polishes (I bought an extra one), an oxygen treatment, and a special top coat they threw in as a gift.  And Junior Mints? OK!

Box Three: Two nail polishes and a lip gloss treatment, plus a surprise Valentine's Day top coat.

The boxes cost $20/month if you pay for three months at once, which I did.  I also got my first box free, so I really paid about $40 for all three shipments, which is pretty good!   If you pay per month, it's $25.  Free box codes are constantly rotating, so check around if you want to sign up!

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  1. Looks like a good idea. I can never polish my nails so that they look good though.


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