Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Favorite Travel Products

While I'm not constantly on the road, I have taken my fair share of trips, and I have a pretty good system for packing.  I wanted to share my favorite travel accessories!
For years I was carrying around an old Old Navy bag as a carry on.  It was super slouchy, and never kept my meticulously organized papers in order (drove me crazy!!!).  It did fit lots of stuff, which was great, but nothing stayed in place and the organizational freak in me didn't love it!  During one trip through the airport, I saw a couple different ladies with these Longchamps as totes, so I decided to try one out for myself.  Love it!  The bag stays upright and is the perfect amount of room for what I need.  And, it folds up to a little envelop if I ever want to just take an extra sturdy bag somewhere.  I currently use it as a work bag as well.  It's perfect because it's nylon, so it's easy to clean up any lunch mess, and holds up well when it's raining out.  

I finally figured out my recipe for sleep on the road, and it's listening to my white noise while blocking out light.  I can be very neurotic and I never ever thought that I would be able to wear an eye mask because I couldn't take the idea of not being able to open my eyes, but there are lots and lots of eye masks on the market now that allow you to open your eyes!  Genius!  This is especially useful because I always end up sitting next to that one @$$hole on the plane who has his reading light on while the rest of the cabin is dim. 
In addition to the eye mask I mentioned above, I also love this.  It's a travel size micro plush blanket that folds up into this little case.  It also comes with an inflatable pillow that you zip up into the case and use as a nice pillow on the plane.  It's great! 

I have a bunch of microscopic blankets at home and I always sleep with one against my face, so this seemed like a no-brainer for me.  I love that I can use it beyond the airplane as well.  I like to snuggle up with it in hotel rooms too.  I am a horrible sleeper, so having one more thing to help me sleep in a strange place is great. 
I used to own this big huge clunky adapter that my friends and I bought before we traveled to Wales.  It's so big and clunky that I can't even find a similar one online!!  When Tim and I went to Europe a couple years later, we brought it along, but we also stumbled upon these really portable, slim adapters that we love!  It takes up no real space, and they're a breeze to use. 

Passport Cover & Luggage Tag
This one is more for fun :).  I got this fun luggage tag and passport cover set from Z Gallerie a couple years back and just love the beautiful purple color and faux croc material!!  The passport cover is almost useless because it's a little big, and you have to take it out when going through customs and immigration anyway.   Just so pretty!  They no longer sell them, but you can see the passport cover above!
This is probably the first thing we ever got for travel that's on our must have list.  We bought two of these at Crate and Barrel with our wedding gift cards, and instantly fell in love!  They are so much sturdier than actual plastic quart bags, which makes me feel much more relaxed.  Six years later and they're still holding up great!  

These aren't the exact ones we have, but similar.  We have one blue and one pink with, with little airplane charms on the zipper!

I have talked about how much I am obsessed with my Clarisonic before.  Seriously, this tool is the best thing I've ever had for my skin!!  I've had mine almost six years now and it's still going strong! So, I decided to use some Christmas gift cards this year to invest in the smaller version to travel with.  When we were in New Orleans, I realized my skin was looking dull after not exfoliating all week.  It might be a little extravagant to bring one of these traveling, but it's much lighter and smaller than the original, and my skin demands it!

Tim bought this bag a few years back.  We do a lot of city traveling, and since we both grew up in really safe towns where nothing got stolen, and now live in Seattle where we never have to worry about crime, it doesn't hurt to add a level of security to our rosy sunglasses outlook.  This bag has a bunch of security features, like clips that hold zippers in place, and wire within the straps that make it harder to cut and run.  It's nice and small but can hold lots- wallets, passports, phone, camera, my brush, inhaler, and chapstick, water bottle, and so much more!  Hey, if my husband wants to carry our essentials and leave me with just the camera and my phone to hold, you won't see me arguing!

This is kind of a "duh," but with all the walking we do on trips, I never bothered to get comfortable foot ware.  When we were in Boston and I was wearing boots the whole time, Tim insisted we both get some Dr Schools, and seriously, they were amazing!!  My feet were still hurting a little because I packed super thick socks, and they didn't really fit with the inserts, but it still helped our feet feel better walking 10+ miles that weekend!

And lastly....Plastic Bags!
Yes, bad for the environment, but invaluable on the road!  I bring trash bags for our dirty clothes, and then a variety of sizes of other bags.  You never know when something's going to get wet, or break, or get dirty, and seriously, these can be a lifesaver!

What are your travel must haves?  I always love finding out what products people love!!

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