Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Paris Part I

After London, we headed to Paris, the city of lights!

Paris was somewhere I dreamed about going for years, and I was so excited to finally see the Eiffel Tower!  Of course, Paris is a lot more than the tower, but you can't help but get a shiver of excitement thinking about an iconic piece of architecture for a city.

In fact, let's just start with pictures from the tower!!

Paris was almost like a theme park in just the fact that most of the buildings are the same height and color.  It really makes for a beautiful, uniform looking city!  Gorgeous to look at from up high!

We also got some amazing views from the Arc de Triomphe as well!

The whole city is just amazingly pretty.  So gorgeous!

We took a boat ride down the River Seine our first night there, taking in the light show from the Eiffel Tower and the rest of the beautifully lit buildings along the riverbanks.  Paris truly is the 'City of Lights'!

So much beauty!  I love it! 

There are more posts coming about the museums we visited and the Montemarte neighborhood!

There are more posts coming about the museums we visited and the Montmartre neighborhood!

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  1. SO PRETTY! Seriously, what a gorgeous time of year to go! All your photos look like you had stunning weather.


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