Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Resolutions

I'm not really a resolutions person normally, but I've been feeling sluggish and overwhelmed for a few months, and I'm ready to step back, breathe, and rejuvenate.  Here are my resolutions!

The Cliche:
  • Eat healthy and work out!
  • Visit the farmers market more often
  • Eat more produce, like I used to!
  • Pack more healthy snacks to get me through the work day
  • Train for the SeaWheeze
  • Bike more often instead of driving or busing
  • Take a nightly walk with Tim and Mia

The Fun One:
  • Travel Seattle/explore more interests locally
  • Try a new place off our list every other week (aka, actually go on our pre-schedule date night that we even hired a dog walker for!!)
  • Complete the 25 Best Cocktails in Seattle list
  • Actually use our Rosetta stone to learn Spanish, especially with our impending trip to Spain!!!
  • Do more active activities that cost us money aka stop being cheap over the things that improve our well being so that I can buy more clothes
  • Make more time for nature (we lacked that this year!)  
    • Try to backpack at least once, if not twice next summer
    • Do some knee exercises so I don't cry while hiking declines
    • Take a nature themed trip at least once a year
    • Oh, and put towels in the car!

The Most Important One:
  • De-Stress
  • Allocate money towards spa days
  • Exercise and eat right
  • Work with Tim to find stress management and coping mechanisms to deal with family stress, and life stress
  • Read more books!
  • Take more breaks during the work day...walk around the block (not into nordstroms!)
  • Maintain a more frequent schedule with my junior high friends

The Responsible One:
  • Be more thoughtful about my money
  • Stick to my shopping budget & saving budget more often!
  • Remember my goals; prioritize my purchases accordingly
  • Contribute more to Tim's company's stock program, as well as our 401ks
The Long Shot:
  • Be more positive
  • Think before I complain
  • Think of the positive of each negative situation
  • (I'm already rolling my eyes at this resolution, I bet it doesn't last long!)
  • Invest more time, energy, and heart into my most important relationship, my husband
  • Be a better friend!
What resolutions have you made this year?


  1. I like these! Let me know if I can do anything to help!

  2. Let's double date! We're big cocktail lovers too, and are trying to do a date night in Seattle weekly (every other week, maybe...we're not sure). Anyway, would still love to meet up!

    And, lunch soon?


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