Friday, January 30, 2015

Paris Part III

Our last day in Paris ended up being our favorite.  We ventured up to Montmartre.  Much like Greenwich Village in NYC, it used to be a haven for artists in it's heyday.  Now it's home to icons like Moulin Rouge and Sacre Coeur.  The steps below Sacre Coeur are the place to watch the sun set.  High on a hill, you get sweeping views of the city below, and you are surrounded by a gathering of like-minded people, singing, chatting, and watching the beautiful view. 

The steps:

There's a square right around the corner from Sacre Coeur that's the heart of Montmartre: Place du Tertre.  Here, all the artists gather to paint your portrait or to offer cheap prints. 

And you can't stop through the neighborhood without a quick peek at Moulin Rouge!  Spy me below?
Our hands down favorite place to eat in Paris was Le Refuge des Fondues.  It's a fondue place with the easiest menu:  do you want meat or cheese?
Oh, and they serve wine in baby bottles!

The most delicious appetizer wine!  So so good!

You have to walk over your table to sit down, you're all cramped together like sardines, and there's only a handful of seats.  Regardless, it's amazing.  So delicious and fun! 

It's considered a bit of a tourist trap now, but I would go back in a heartbeat!  We loved it!

That wraps up Paris for me!  Next up is Cinque Terre, Italy, and then Rome!  Click here to read the first Paris post, or here to see more travel!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Paris Part II

There are a lot of amazing museums and attractions in Paris.  With the amazing public transportation and by using the Paris Museum Pass, we were able to visit Notre Dame, Musee D'Orsey, the Eiffel Tower, and Arc de Triomphe in one day, while touring Versailles and the Louvre the next.  Busy busy!!

Notre Dame was beautiful!!  The gorgeous stained glass windows and amazing architecture...but I loved the outside the most!  We completely forgot to climb the stairs and visit the gargoyles, still kicking ourselves for this!

Musee D'orsey was by far my favorite museum!  My favorite type of artwork!  You couldn't take photos inside, so I only have one of me with the sign!

The Louvre was huge!  It's usually recommended that you spend an entire day in there.  Tim and I are not people who can spend an entire day in a museum (OK, I'm not!) even if we're both history nerds!  We went to see Mono Lisa and then visited a couple of the Egyptian and Ancient Greece exhibits (love)!

The crowd around the Mona Lisa!
 Ahhh so cool!

Versailles was incredible!  So so so much wealth and beauty and extravagance all over!  We could have easily spent some more time there, pretending it was our summer home!

Hall of Mirrors!
Seriously, the house and grounds are so huge!!

Look at those nerdy shoes!

Incredible ceilings everywhere!

Seriously, the house and grounds are so huge!!

It's so amazing seeing historical cities and all their preserved history that go back so much further than American cities, let alone the West Coast!!

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