Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tis the Season to Decorate!

Most people don't start decorating for Christmas on Oct 28th, but I do!  Tim and I have an agreement that I can start decorating the day after this birthday (although, sometimes I break the tree out early for a birthday tree!)

This year I waited all the way until November 7th the decorate because we were in New Orleans and Memphis!

This weekend we got some free greenery to finish it all off!

Gotta have a gold sequin runner!!

I didn't really decorate any other room this year.  I've had this tree up in our bedroom all year long because I just love it :)!  I added a little garland as well!

I also switched out the polka dot canvas with a glittery reindeer one, and hung the other one on Tim's side!

And you know I can't leave without some puppy pics!!!

Merry Christmas!

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