Monday, December 1, 2014


Uh, wasn't it just August?  I know it's cliched to say, but I feel like September to November went by in a blink of an eye!

There were five weekends in November; the first one we spent in Memphis and New Orleans, the third one we went home to visit our parents, and the last one was spent in Idaho for Thanksgiving!  
Oh and Christmas came!  Woo!
I've learned that it's important to me to decompress after a trip, weather that means our nicest hotel is our last one, or we pay a little extra to fly direct home and/or to arrive when at least half the day left to get organized (I love being organized!).  Basically, I like to make the end of our trip the easiest.  After we flew home from Memphis on two hours of sleep, we got a Car2Go home from the airport, then stopped for a nice Thai lunch before picking up Mia from my grandmas.  
 Then it was home for laundry, leftovers, and Gilmore Girls!!
Ah, bliss!  I also came home to a new fall candle that is amazing!  The Nest Pumpkin Chai smells so good!  And I am a little hard of smelling, but I can actually smell this thing for days after I've lit it!  The scent is a nice spicy, not too sweet, fall smell.  Love!

The Cinerama is an institution to Seattle-ites, if not for the chocolate popcorn alone!  Owned by Paul Allen, the theatre was closed this summer for a remodel, and opened just in time for Mockingjay Part 1!  (Has anyone else seen it yet?  What did you think?).

Tim and I kind of consider Foo Fighters to be the music we fell in love to.   We are both huge huge huge fans!!  But we have had something going on every time they were in town for the last ten years!  Can you believe that?  Last time we saw Dave Grohl (coolest guy ever) was September 2005, and we just scored tickets to see them at the Gorge in September 2015.  Fate?  I think so!
So worth waiting in line for three hours!    And afterwards I went with my best friend to pick out her wedding dress!!  Wish I could show pics because it's amazing and totally her!
I also went to my first Seahawks game!!  Tim's dad has had season tickets his entire life, and he grew up going to games.  I've never been, so his dad gave me his ticket since he was out of town!  How nice!  OK, I'm probably the least sports loving person I know, but I'm married to a sports fanatic who doesn't mind if I read during all the games he brings me to! The game was definitely an interesting experience, but I much prefer the crowds and action at Sounders games!  Soccer I can at least pretend to be in to!

We saw John Oliver, who was amazing!  Every time we go see a comedy show we vow to go to more; we need to keep on this promise!

Wearing my new Seahawks jersey:
Rainy view from my window:
Tim brought me some brussel sprouts....
They were really really good straight from the stalk!  Just a little hard to store in our tiny kitchen!

Started Black Friday shopping early...

It was in the 30's here two weeks ago!  Couple months too early, and I didn't have enough sweaters!!

Tim met Doug Baldwin (his company, Symetra, sponsors the Seahawks so players stop by every once in awhile)

Tried a new recipe from Chef Chloe, vegan mushroom stroganoff, very delicious and easy to make!
My new favorite chocolates, and Thanksgiving in Idaho:
 Tim's sister got a new kitten, how cuuuute!

We went to PF Changs in the middle of errands, and look at Tim's fortune:

Pretty flowers, and while looking at Clarisonics (my original one is still working perfect and I still love it; just looking at one to travel with!), we saw one named entirely after Mia!  (Her full name is Aria Mia!)
PS- Bonus pic from October, I missed this one:
 OK, puppy time!


December is going to very busy over here!!  Can't wait!

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