Thursday, December 4, 2014

Living Room

It's been a long time since I've done a post about our condo!  It's changed a lot since last year (surprised? Here are all the links from last year's makeover!).  Well, mostly only the living room has changed. 

No more stripes, no more Ikea lounge couch, no more frame wall!  Let's flash back to what it used to look like:
And now:

First of all, we built a bookshelf in the weird little nook behind our couch:
I meant to add lattice trim to the front of the shelves to bulk them up, but still haven't gotten around to it (and will I ever?  Hopefully!). 

We also bought a new couch!  I have been dying for a navy couch for ages (see), but I didn't want to buy something that we couldn't bring to future homes.  But, after asking everyone I knew with a big house to measure their couches, I realized the 76" size we were looking at is exactly what we'd probably want in a house down the road!   Plus, we've also decided to stay in our condo for about five more years so we can travel a lot more and worry about a house later. 

We got the Henry sofa from West Elm in Ink Blue velvet.  We lucked out and scored a double sale!  And even though I read tons of horror stories about West Elm delivery, ours came a month ahead of scheduled and just barely fit through the halls!  Whew!
We are sooo happy with this couch!  It's so ridiculously comfortable!  We moved our old one into the game room (which takes up almost the entire room, but it's really nice to have somewhere to sit in there after six years!). 
The one thing I'd like to change now is to switch from a round Vittsjo coffee table to the rectangle.  I don't like to cycle through furniture, but in this case, I think a rectangle surface would serve us much better!  It wouldn't be as deep, and would give us more length.  Something to do in the coming months!

And...I repainted my beloved teal dresser!!!  It took me almost a whole year to finally paint it, but I decided to go with white, and I love it!  Sure, I loved the teal, but we needed a new color to go with the new couch!
We also purchased a new piece of furniture for the dining room!  Get a preview here!


  1. Loving the new couch! Don't know how we lived so long without it.

  2. i need the be happy be bright be you!!! love it.



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