Wednesday, December 17, 2014


On our last full day in Boston, I decided to take a tour of one of the most prestigious universities in the country: Harvard!
It. was. so cold!!!  The weather report called for 35 degrees, but instead we woke up to it being 20 degrees, never getting any warmer than 23 the whole day!!!  I took this picture around noon, when it had warmed up a bit! Brrrrr!
I am such a baby when I'm cold, but I managed to get through the entire Harvard guided tour without crying (barely) and without my toes falling off (barely!).  I practically ran to the closest place to get a hot toddy afterward!!
Anyway, I took the official student led Harvard Tour through the university, and it was really interesting!  It was fun to hear all the details about another college.  I don't think I've ever toured another campus besides WWU, where I went. 
I could try to retell all the tid-bits, facts, and stories, but I'd probably retell them wrong, so here are some pictures instead!

The library, which I wish we could have gone into!
Statue of John Harvard:
It was even snowing a little bit that day!  Very, very lightly!

Have you ever toured Harvard or another campus for fun? I also explored Cambridge Square a little (visited these tables along with Shake Shack and the world's only Curious George Store), but I was just so cold I had to go back to the hotel to warm up a bit! 

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