Monday, December 15, 2014

Freedom Trail!

The Freedom Trail!!  I wish every city had an awesome trail that walks you through history!

The Freedom Trail in Boston is pretty famous 2.5 mile walk through downtown Boston that brings you to visit 16 historical sites along the way.  So, in other words, awesome sauce.  Plus, there's a brick path to follow while you sing "follow the red-red brick road" over and over again!
The trail starts at the Boston Common/Public Garden. 
I'll actually break here to share a special spot we visited...the bench from Good Will Hunting!

Ah, so special.  It made me tear up a little (a lot).   Look at all these wonderful pictures from right after Robin Williams died (tears!). 

Aww, I am still so sad about Robin Williams! 
And then we found this fun frame (#FOPG).  Historical!  There was this adorable elderly couple taking funny pictures with it; they were hilarious and so cute!
And the duck statues from Make Way for Ducklings- which I've never even heard of before planning this trip!

More pretty brick & Christmas love!!!

OK, back to the Freedom Trail!  This here is the Park Street Church:

Next you come to the Granary Burial ground, where Paul Revere is buried, along with Sam Adams, John Hancock, and other notable historical figures. 

^ Mother Goose!!!

King's Chapel & Burying Ground:

The gorgeous Old City Hall:

Ben Franklin statue!

The Old Corner a Chipotle...
Old South Meeting House:
Old State House:

Site of the Boston Massacre (Can you see me in the picture above?):
A cool building we passed; brick on the front, glass in the back!
Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market:

Paul Revere's House:

Look at that awesome stained glass!  I love that it was purple toned!!

On our way to Old North Church...

We ran into the funniest couple laughing at Tim's pose, and they made us both pose and then when we took their picture they did the same thing!

Old North Church!!  All Christmasy!

I've never seen pews like this before...they were in boxes to help keep people warm, while the priest would stand on an elevated platform so everyone could see.  Interesting!

Along thee way we saw a very narrow house!!
Then on the Copp's Hill Burying Ground!

Almost done, the USS Constituation was next!

Old Ironsides!  It was pretty cool to see this warship!

Lastly, we went to see the Bunker Hill Monument!

And we decided to climb to the top!
I'll give you some advice now:  maybe don't run up the 294 steps while wearing a flannel, thick sweater, and a wool coat. 
But the view was cool!

Thanks for making it through another incredibly long post full of pictures!  Hope you enjoyed the Freedom Trail!!

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