Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I've been wanting to go to Boston for such a long time, and when Tim and I had an opportunity to travel there this past weekend, we jumped at it!

And it was amazing.  Let me tell you, traveling to a new city during the Christmas season was literally a dream come true!!  I couldn't get over all the beautiful Christmas bows and garland everywhere!!  But Boston is already so pretty with all their brick buildings and amazing architecture.  It's completely normal to see intricate, historical buildings and churches mixed in right alongside more modern buildings.

Look at this building disappearing into the fog!  It looks just like Tim's work building in Seattle!

Look at these brownstones!!!
On Newbury Street, where all the shopping is, the stores are built into brownstones!  

Even the Duncan Donuts is into the game!

I have a bunch of other posts coming with everything we did (we packed in a ton in just a couple days!), but here are a few other highlights!

Our first night, we attended the Boston Symphony Orchestra's Holiday Pops concert.  It was so much fun!

Taking a bunch of selfies in the theatre!

Proof my hair doesn't hold a curl; look how it looked as we left the hotel, and look how straight it is above!

Here are some more photos of the beautiful holiday decorations (!!!!!!!!!!!!):

Seriously, greenery and red bows everywhere!!!!  SO pretty!!!! I could barely take it!

 Quincy Market:
 The beautiful, giant tree at Fanuel Hall:

We stayed in a great hotel in a fabulous location.  The Boston Park Plaza was only half a block from the subway, and seriously, it was so amazingly easy to get around Boston!!  The hotel was gorgeous and comfortable, and we wouldn't hesitate to stay there again!

Look at those gold elevators!
Here was the view from our window:

The hotel was right along the Boston Common, great location!

If you're still reading, thanks for sitting through the 139753982 photos :)!!  Boston was so amazing!  Next time, I'll share the food tour we took of the North End!

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