Monday, December 8, 2014

Bar Cart

This post is way long overdue, considering we bought this bar cart back in August!
  Ta Da!  Welcome to the family, cute little bar cart!!

At first, I needed to quickly transport things from our existing piece of furniture because our condo was still on the market.  Here's how it looked at first:

I still think I like it best that was!  But then I got my favorite lamp back in to the condo, and needed to put it on the cart:

 I haven't touched it much, but I'm still trying to think of how I want it organized!!

I love those Greek details!

Seeing a little glimpse of Christmas on the way??  Yeah, that's been up since 11/7 :)
Yay!!  Do you love it?  

We are actually in Boston right now, and have been all weekend!!  Follow along on Instagram, and check for recaps soon!!

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