Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Highlights of 2014!

Aka, 2014 in review!

These are some of the highlights from our year!
Seahawks won the superbowl! 
Celebrated Mia's 1st birthday!

Went to Portland
 Celebrated 9 years of dating & got matching tattoos!
I went to Cabo!
...and had my first first class experience! 
We went to Bend, Oregon!
 I went to Montreal!
...and sat in a giant chair 
 Lots of hiking (not as much as in the past, dang knees!)
Celebrated five years of marriage
I went to Fayetteville & Savannah
 We went to the ocean!

We went to New Orleans!

We went to Memphis!
We went to Boston!
Saw lots of amazing performances: Lion King, Book of Mormon, Seattle Symphony, Boston Holiday Pops, John Oliver, Ellie Goulding, Seattle Rock Orchestra, Burlesque & Burlesque Nutcracker, etc!
Redid a friend's apartment!
 Tried Stand Up Paddle Boarding!
Turned 27 & 29! (Ahhhhhhhhhh so close to 30!!!!)
 Took a ride in an old timey airplane!
 ....and so much more!  2014 was a pretty great year!!  I can't wait for 2015, I have a feeling it's going to be amazing!
Yay Seattle!

And one more bonus blurry pic:
Hope you all had amazing years!  Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


December!  Is it almost 2015 already?  This month was pretty good, except for the fact that our bikes got stolen on Christmas Eve...pretty upset about this, but we're trying to stay positive and be grateful that we had insurance, even though I'm worried about buying new bikes in the future!  I guess that's a lesson to use the best locks possible...

The month started off with our company party!
More pics from Boston:
Salsa dancing!!  
These caramels are seriously the most amazing things in the world!!  We can't stop eating them!

A couple manicures from this month:
 Fresh Christmas greens!
I love our travel coin magnets I made!  We started off our Christmas card collection this year:
I didn't get a picture of our friend's cards!!  Here is Mia visiting Santa at my grandma's office party: 

We decided to do the Nutcracker a little different this year and went to the Burlesque Nutcracker at the Triple Door!  Very fun, very festive!
Our annual Christmas party that we throw for our friends was a little different this year!  We all went out to dinner because I was too tired to plan an actual party!  It was wonderful!

I forgot to take any photos as usual...but we got a couple at the very end, when we were the only four left!!

Behind our table was a credenza filled with Nutcrackers!!  Creepy!

Making some yummy food this month (I need to get some recipes on the blog soon!):

Renewed my passport!!  All ready for Spain in March!
 Here's a little preview of our bathroom's latest look!
After loving Nest's Pumpkin Chai candle so much this fall, I had to invest in their Holiday candle- such a wonderful smell!
 Christmas in Seattle!

It's not Christmas Eve without Forrest Gump!
My best friend's older sister wrote a book, and we found it at Barnes & Noble!  Very cool!
Post Christmas celebrating and snuggling!
 Loving my new pajamas!
 My mom got me this charm and I love it!  It's a compass for exploring!
After eating cannolis and espresso every day in Boston, we've been craving them since we got back! 
 More Seattle Christmas in Ballard!
My mom and grandma and I went to see A Christmas Story at the 5th Avenue theatre!  This was my grandpa's favorite movie and we used to watch it all day long on Christmas Day.

I bought this wine because of the pretty pink label, and it's funny too!
 Mia having fun hanging out with my friend Alex while we were in Portland!
 Which brings us to...Mia pictures!!

Happy end of December everyone!  Can you believe New Year's Eve is tomorrow?