Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Garden District

The first time I visited New Orleans was in high school with my best friend, and one of the highlights for us was riding the street car!  The second time we went back, we were so bummed to learn that the street cars were all shut down Mardi Gras!

The historic St Charles street car runs along, well, St Charles Street (imagine that!).  It's fun just for a ride, or to take down to the Garden District to explore!  And that's exactly what we did one morning!
The Garden District is the "American" side of town, established when wealthy Americans were drawn to the flourishing city and didn't want to live near the French and Spanish (Creole) settlers hunkered down in the French Quarter.  Funny story, you'll notice that all the E-W streets that cross over Canal Street (where the American side starts) change names.  That's because the American side wanted to Americanize their side of town. 
And OMG all the oak trees!!! I was dying!!

In case you were wondering what we had for breakfast that day, it was ice cream and green juice!

The Creole Creamery has the coolest flavors!!  Hopefully you can see them in the picture below!  I for Lavender Honey and Tim for Red Velvet, of course. 
We also found this adorable juice cafe, FARE: Food for Health.  Yum!  Perfect for walking along Magazine Street in hot weather!

Speaking of Magazine Street, it's so cute! This is where all the shops and restaurants are located in the Garden District, and it's got the adorable old time Main Street feel to it.  Loved it!

Besides our stroll along Magazine Street, we also rented bikes (from Buzz Nola) another afternoon to check out the gorgeous Southern homes!

I'll let the rest of the pictures do the talking!  These homes are considered some of the best preserved Old Southern mansions in the country!

 I'll leave you with some more great outtakes from learning to use the GoPro!


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