Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Big Easy! Jazz in New Orleans

Jazz!  Jazz jazz jazz!  New Orleans is known as the birthplace of jazz, and the city is still alive and hopping with it all over the place.  
I've mentioned a few times in my recaps that we spent quite a bit of time on Frenchmen Street listening to local jazz musicians.  We highly recommend this!  We loved loved loved it!  The street was filled with amazing music playing all over, but we only made it to two venues.
Our first stop was at The Blue Nile, where we saw Kermit Ruffins and the BBQ Swingers!  So. Good!
I loved that the crowd wasn't there just to drink or dance or party, they were all there to really appreciate the music!

The Three Muses is another tiny venue with a "stage" hardly big enough to hold the band!  But that means that we get to experience the band coming out to play all over the club!
It was here that we saw the Glen David Andrews Band play.  My oh my was it amazing!
I haven't had a chance to experience any of the jazz clubs in Seattle yet, but we're already missing those amazing performances in The Big Easy!
A big highlight of our trip was attending a show at Preservation Hall.  This venue was established in the 60's to preserve jazz, hence the name.  (the Foo Fighters, which is practically Tim and mine's favorite band, recently played a surprise show in this TINY venue as part of their Sonic Highway album/documentary.  So awesome!)
The venue is tiny tiny tiny!  We purchased reserve tickets in advance, which I highly recommend if you're like me and can't even stand to wait three minutes in line!

The show was awesome.  It's short, only about 45 minutes long, but awesome. 

What's so great about New Orleans is that you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to hear great music.  Most of the time, it's completely free!  Most bars have live music playing at any given time, and you'll also find a bounty of performers on the street, or just marching around the city.  It's such a festive and celebratory atmosphere, and it's impossible not to tap your feet and groove along!

It's not unusual to turn the corner and find a large crowd has gathered around some street musicians.  Lots of great music to hear!
This trip was definitely focused on music, and one of my favorite genres of music at that.  I'm missing it already!

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  1. The shows on Halloween were definitely the highlight of the trip for me. The bands brought so much energy such small venues. It was great


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