Friday, November 28, 2014

Peabody Hotel

The very last of my Memphis recaps end with the Peabody Hotel and the march of the ducks!
Here is the history of the ducks, but basically, there is a handful of ducks that swim in the lobby fountain every day, and they march in a line to the elevator up to their little duck home every evening.

As you can expect, this draws a pretty big crowd!  We just barely made it in time after touring three museums!
Even the elevator doors were gorgeous!
Now for the roof.
The building above?  It's literally a duck castle on top of the hotel!

Look at the mini Peabody Hotel for the ducks!
Duck habitat!
The roof also has an amazing view!  We got there just in time for the sun set!

And that's a wrap for our trip to New Orleans and Memphis!!  We're currently in Idaho with Tim's family; hope you're having a nice Black Friday!

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