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Nola Eats & Drinks

Mmmmm Creole and Cajun food...deliciousness!!  If you're addicted to gumbo, jambalaya, or beignets, then you know what I'm talking about!  Here are some amazing places we tried!
Our very first meal was at the Gumbo Shop, a little hole in the wall that serves your typical Creole food.
We ordered the vegetarian dish of the day, which I think is white beans and rice, and Tim got a shrimp po'boy.  They were both decent, but not amazeballs. 
Central Grocery, home of the original muffuletta!  Oh boy, this place is amazing!
Their menu is pretty simple: Do you want a whole sandwich, or a half?
You can also get their olive salad, marinated mushrooms, artichokes, etc.

Get a whole sandwich to share (you could easily split it four ways!), and your taste buds will thank you!

Mmmm olives!!  I tend to eat jars of olives in one sitting, so I'm kinda in love with Central Grocery...
A real gem that we read about beforehand was District.Donuts.Sliders.Brew in the Garden District. 
This hipster-esque place makes it pretty clear what they serve: donuts, sliders, and brew. There's a great vibe in the shop, and the menu does not disappoint!
...Of course we arrived too late for donuts ;(!  If you scour their Yelp reviews, you'll see all the amazing donut creations they come up with!  I was really hoping to try some unique flavors, but we were just left with cinnamon sugar by time we arrived!

The nitro cold brew also happened to be broken when we were there.  Bad luck!  But the regular iced coffee was delicious and the lemonade could possibly be the best I've ever had!!
They also make amazing sliders, and are even veg friendly!!  I got a tofu slider to try and it was soooo good!
Be sure to check it out!  You can easily get there by street car, rented bike, or by walking from the French Quarter!
This adorable restaurant was right around the corner from our hotel.  The Palace Cafe was just adorable! 
We kept walking by it until we finally stopped one day to grab a drink and people watch. 
I'm telling you, isn't this place just too adorable!?  A cute little french cafe! 

One of the original "pirate bars" in the city is the Old Absinth House (The other remaining pirate bar is Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, which also happens to be the oldest bar in America and they only use candlelight to light their building!  Pretty cool huh?)
It's a neat place to try out absinth, but neither of us are major fans of the black licorice flavor so we got a little grossed out by our drinks!  It was really fun to watch the process though!  See the sugar on fire in the picture above? I want to say we both tried the Kubler, but I'm not sure!
Cafe Du Monde isn't exactly a hidden gem by any means.  In fact, it's pretty much what everyone thinks of when they think of New Orleans!  But it's for a good reason.

OK, make that a great reason!  Who cares about the long line?  These beignets are a must!!
If you love a good cocktail, then there are two places you must try!

Arnaud's French 75 is your typical fancy, lounge-y cocktail bar; my favorite type of place!
We both ordered the Ellipses & Dash, which sounded pretty similar to a rum old fashioned (our current favorite!).  It was a lot more sugary but still delicious!  The bar tended knew all the best cocktail bars in Seattle, and even knew a lot of our famous bartenders, so it was pretty neat to talk to him!

The sazerac was invented in New Orleans, and there's no better place to try one than The Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel. 
We both tried the sazerac and loved them, and then I also tried one of their season drinks, the Fall Fashioned, which was to die for!   Nice and fall tasting without being too sweet!

A friend of ours was in New Orleans on business so she met up with us at the Sazerac Bar!  I love running into friends out of town!
Acme Oyster House was a surprise gem to me.  Our hotel was next door, and every time we walked past I thought it looked like a chain and really kitschy to me.  After having no less than 5 people recommend we go here and try the fried oysters, we finally did.  And they didn't disappoint!
I've never tried fresh oysters before, because my gag reflex says no, even though they've become really trendy all over Seattle.  The fried ones were pretty good though! 
And of course, had to go gumbo or jambalaya almost every time we could!
Killer Poboys!  I read a tid bit in a magaine about this place, and saw amazing reviews when I looked it up.  It's basically a food truck in the very back of this tiny hole in the wall bar (Erin Rose).
Seriously.  Go here right away!!!!  It was soooo good and soooo nice to find a vegetarian option!!  I usually hate eggplant, but the eggplant po'boy was ground up and this amazing texture stuffed with black olives and spinach and oh my!!!  SOOOOO good!!!! Tim had some pork version that he said was amazing as well!

Stanley Restaurant can't be missed!  It's right in the heart of the French Quarter, along Jackson Square.
We went for brunch and it was great!!  Tim got their signature Banana Fosters French Toast and it was so delicious!
And last but certainly not least, Emeril's very first restaurant, Emeril's New Orleans!  He started this restaurant after he run as top chef at Commander's Palace (which is easily deemed the best restaurant in the city, but I've never tried it). 
I wasn't so keen on going, because I just always assume anything that comes from the Food Network is just going to be kitschy but oh my was I wrong!!!  It started with the bread course.  They bring you three tiny variations of bread, and each one is better than the last!!  Seriously, I couldn't stop raving about the free bread!!!

And then the rest of the food came and it just kept getting better! Tim got the gumbo of the day and a pork chop, and I got the collard green mac and cheese as well as the vegetarian creation of the day, which was basically all of their sides together on a plate.  Everything was so so so so so so so so good!!!!!!!!!!

The only problem was the whole time I felt a little self conscious because we weren't dressed nice enough.  I did bring a nice dress to wear, but the temperature took a sudden fifteen degree drop overnight, so I was piling on every remotely warm item I brought.  Whoops!
One restaurant that I was dying to eat at was...Eat!  Due to poor planning on my part, we didn't end up there until one hour before they closed on our last day in New Orleans and they couldn't seat us ;(!  It's on the top of our list for next time!

OK...this was a super long post!   But that's the last of our New Orleans trip!!  Memphis is up next!!

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  1. Muffalettas were probably my favorite! Or the Oysters! Lots of good stuff though.


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