Wednesday, November 26, 2014

National Civil Rights Museum

While we're driving twelve hours on our way to Thanksgiving, I'll be reminiscing about our last road trip from the big easy to the home of the blues!  After a busy day going to Graceland and then Sun Studio, there was still one museum I was dying to see, the National Civil Rights Museum!
The museum was amazing.  It really felt like they did a really great job honoring all those people who suffered throughout the years. 
I won't say much; I think the photos speak for themselves.  We had just over two hours in the museum and I only got through half the museum reading every single item.  We have to quickly scan and walk through the rest.  The layout of the museum starts during the time when slaves were first being brought over to America and presents a timeliness all the way to present day about the struggle with racism and equality that's still being fought. 

The museum is located within the Lorraine Motel, where Dr Martin Luther King Jr was shot.  The room he stayed in is preserved.  You can also go across the street and see where James Earl Ray shot him from. 

The viewpoint of the shooter (Dr King's room is the one with the wreath on the bannister):

The National Civil Rights Museum was amazing.  Well researched, well executed, and amazingly detailed and rich with history.  We loved all three exhibits we went to in Memphis, and the Civil Rights Museum was the most educational by far. 

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