Friday, November 21, 2014


Memphis!!!!!!!!!!  Home of the Blues!
As you can see, we had a VERY busy day in Memphis!!  We were there for one full day and two nights, and we definitely made the most of it!  We went to Graceland, Sun Studios, and the National Civil Rights Museum, and even managed to fit in the Peabody Ducks, a BBQ lunch, and an NBA game in FedEx stadium, all in one day!

We both loved the cool architecture in Memphis.  Lots of pretty brick buildings!

Central BBQ is the best BBQ in Memphis, so we stopped by for a big lunch!  It was sooo good!

Now, most of you know that I've been vegan for many years now.  But in the last year, I've started to occasionally eat meat.  I'm still mostly vegetarian, maybe more like a pescatarian, or even a "flexitarian" and meat mostly still gross me out, but every once in awhile I do eat meat (like when my sweet granny doesn't understand what I mean by 'I don't eat meat' and then forces a turkey salad sandwich down your throat!).
Anyways, we both got the pulled pork and it was delicious!  Our sides were macaroni and cheese, potato salad, and coleslaw!  Yum! I could only manage to eat about 1/3 of that plate above and I was still full for the rest of the day!
Beale Street is Beale Street.  It's similar to Pioneer Square in Seattle, or Bourbon Street in New Orleans (but not as crazy!).  It's got plenty of historical presence, but it's been overwritten with the touristy clubs now.  It's fun to walk down, but we found a lot of cool restaurants on the adjacent Main Street. 

Flight is a restaurant with a pretty cool theme- they serve every source in flights of three!!  We didn't have enough time to try it for a meal, but we stopped by for dessert!  Yum!
When we were watching the famous Peabody ducks (more on that later), we saw that a Grizzlies game was about to start.  Since Oklahoma stole our Sonics, we don't have a basketball team anymore so we had to go!  Plus, tickets were only $12!

Our hotel was awesome too!  We stayed in the Courtyard Marriott, which was about a 10 min from Beale Street.  It's located on the sight of the original Piggy Wiggly!
The rooms were so nice, friendly reception, and best of all, they have a 24 hour outdoor hot tub!!
Memphis, you were one of the best parts of our trip!! We loved every museum and attraction we visited!

In Memphis, we visited a lot of attractions!  See our tour of Graceland, home of Elvis Presley, here!  We wrote all about how much fun we had at Sun Studios here, and the amazing National Civil Rights Museum here.  Finally, we saw the world famous ducks at the Peabody hotel here!

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