Thursday, November 6, 2014

Let's Go to the Beach, Each, Let's Go Get Away

My grandma and my uncle's mother-in-law turned 75 and 80 in October, so our whole family decided to celebrate!  We all drove out to the ocean here in Washington and spent the weekend in a concept community called Seabrook, located along Pacific Beach.  The town reminds me of Stars Hallow, filled with Nantucket-style houses and some small retail and restaurant shops. 
The main attraction was the ocean sounds!  I love the beach, even if the beach in Washington isn't quite the typical warm sand oasis that you usually think of when you think of the beach.  Most of our coastline is filled with rocky beaches, but we have plenty of sand as well!  Just not the sun!  It's still gorgeous and relaxing to listen to the sound of the waves. 

Mia was allowed to run around off-leash on the beach and she had the thrill of her lifetime!  She had other dogs to play with, birds to chase, and scary waves to run away from!

The birthday girls:

The houses were nice and cozy as well!  Fireplaces and pet friendly, depending on which house you rent!  There was even a hot tub, but we forgot our bathing suits!

Driving through Aberdeen means that we have to pay homage to Kurt Cobain and the amazing Nirvana!  This time we stopped by his recently sold childhood home:

Have you ever been to a Pacific Northwest beach before?

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