Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's Britney!

After five days in New Orleans (read recaps here, here, here, here), it was time to move on to Memphis!!  I've been to Memphis once before- ten years ago with my best friend in high school.  We loved Memphis, and I've been waiting to go back ever since!!  Because almost our entire trip was free (thank you travel rewards!), it seemed like a no brainer to rent a car and drive up to Memphis for a few days!
Tim's one request?  That we drive over Lake Pontchartrain.  This lake is 24 miles wide and 40 miles wide, and they've got a bridge that spans the whole.thing.!  It's called the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge, and it's the longest continuous bridge in the world! 

This lake is so big that the original French settlers to the region mistook it for the Gulf of Mexico (OK, I did the same thing as we were landing in the plane!).

My only request was to stop in Kentwood, LA, hometown to Britney Spears :D! 
I'm not even a huge Britney fan; I bought her CD in 6th grade when she was getting popular and I wanted to be cool.  I still love ...Baby One More Time, even if I haven't really listened to any of her music since (except Toxic and Boom Boom from In the Zone, those songs rock!). 
But I read about the Kentwood Museum and I had to go!  But, of course, I forgot that we were driving through on a Sunday, so it was closed ;(!
We may have also driven by her childhood home where her dad still lives...
We planned a very intricate soundtrack for the drive:

New Orleans, LA - Kentwood, LA: Britney Spears
Kentwood, LA - Jackson, MS: Memphis the Musical Soundtrack (Top Five!)
Jackson, MS - Memphis, TN: Elvis, Justin Timberlake, BB King, Johhny Cash, and Otis Redding mix

It was the perfect mix!!
That's about all the highlights from our five hour drive up to Memphis!!  Can't wait to share our extremely packed one day mad rush around Memphis!!!!!!!!

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