Monday, November 24, 2014


Ahh Graceland.  Home of Elvis, King of Rock and Roll.  My dream.  My love!  Ahhhh!  I love Elvis!
I visited Graceland ten years ago with my best friend in high school, and I was still giggling this time around (I'm giggling as I'm writing this even!)!  They were just starting to get the Christmas decorations out when we visited; I so wish we could have seen it all Chrsitmas-y!!!
Have I mentioned how much I love Elvis?  In high school before I got ready for classes, (and in between classes and work...)  I used to blast a mix of Elvis and David Bowie's Changes over and over and over and over again.  Every time I hear his voice, I get so excited!
This visit was a bit different than ten years ago.  First of all, I knew I could bring my camera in this time!  Although, I wouldn't recommend doing that on your first visit because they kind of herd you through the house pretty quickly, so you need all that time to look at everything!!

I won't show you pictures of everything because it's just not as good as seeing it in person (and I took way tooooo many pictures!)!
The living room:
Dining Room:
Elvis's Parent's Room:

The Den:

The Pool Room:

The Jungle Room!!!!!!

The Back Yard!

 Horse Pasture!

Sooooo many gold records!!
Recognize this jacket?

His army fatigues!
Priscilla's Wedding Dress!
Some of his many jumpsuits!
The last piano he ever played :(
The Meditation Garden:

Including the graves of him and his family.

^ His motto, Taking Care of Business, with a lightening bolt. 
We also went to his car museum, which was pretty neat!

Gotta love a guy who's favorite car was pink!
And last but not least, we toured his two personal airplanes!!

OK, so I still showed you wayyyyyy too many pictures, but guys, ELVIS!!!!!!!!!
Till next time Graceland!

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