Wednesday, October 29, 2014


October flew by!  After a trip to Fayetteville and Savannah, it was already mid month!

Fall came to our Seattle trees!  So pretty!  
Purple Pants and trench coats!  Fall ready!
I got this awesome plaid scarf from Target!  It's sooo soft and nice and big!  Go get one, now!

I also finally gave myself a lasting gel manicure at home!  The secret was Ph Bond!

^My mom and I took a Paint Nite class with my bff Malena and her mom!  It was sooo much fun!  

From two people with no painting skills, we made these!

How fun!  I would love to take more classes!

^I like this "artist" pose from me!  Ha!

More yummy food, from the Napkin Friends food truck...that is an apple brie sandwich with latkes buns!!!

And yummy Paseo's...mmmm....sooooo good!

Monday was Tim's birthday!  He's got one year left in his 20's, scary! 
Cake from Simply Desserts!

 The birthday kids and their puppies!

Mia and Benji!!!
We had a bittersweet final game in our season ticket seats at the Sounder's Game!  We've been sitting next to these same guys for the last five years ;(!

We went to dinner with Tim's parents for his birthday at Brooklyn.  Very yummy!!

 Then we went to the symphony!  Also soooo good!

Fun with friends from work! 

Love these boys!

Now....Mia photobomb time!!!
Pouting because we put her Seahawks jersey on :)
Mommy cuddles!
Sleepy puppy!!  So adorable!
She is obsessed with this basket! she loves digging in there and sitting in the basket!  It's so cute, but makes for a bad toy basket (and she eats her other basket...sigh). 

Puppy in a bag!
WOW!  This picture looks super cobalt blue!  This was supposed to be a sneak peak into our latest house projects, but....that color is way off :)
Mia got a new fall sweater from her grandma!....she hates it!
She's already an expert shopper!  "Bring me a hundred pounds of Mud Bay treats, stat!"

Awww, napping with her friends!  I can't take her cuteness!

I know it's not technically the end of October yet, but we're headed off to New Orleans and Memphis tomorrow!  Can't wait for November!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Halloween Outfits

Growing up, I absolutely hated Halloween.  Like hated hated it.  I was super anti social, and the idea of dressing up in a costume only to cover it with a giant jacket and then have to walk for hours around the neighborhood for free candy?  No thanks.

I mean, I trick or treated every year until I graduated high school, but I still hated it!

Also, I hate orange.  And pumpkins.  Yuck.

Somewhere along the way, I finally fell in love with fall and with Halloween!  Maybe it was because Tim and I kept winning best costumes awards and then I got addicted!

This year, Tim and I are going to New Orleans to celebrate Halloween (and his 29th birthday!)!  We've been thinking and thinking and thinking of costume ideas for months, even ordered ones we were ho-hum over, and then today it finally hit us!!!  Can't wait to show you!

In the meantime, I want to show you our favorite outfits in the past!

2008- Quail Man & ....not Patty Mayonnaise (We literally got our outfits a few minutes before Target closed on 10/30, so I wasn't able to pull off Patty!)
2009- Juno & Paulie

2010- We didn't really dress up this year, but here's a random picture of Tim!
2011- Dexter & Kill Victim Probably my favorite costume to date!
2012- Slutty Pumpkin & Hanging Chad How I Met Your Mother Fans?
2013- Garth & Wayne! Party on!

What was your favorite costume?  I can't wait for Halloween this year!!


See this year's costume here!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fayetteville, NC & Savannah, GA

Growing up, my family and I flew to Fayetteville, NC every other summer and then drove down to Myrtle Beach for a couple weeks with my granny.  I've been a few more times since I've graduated high school, but it's been four whole years since I've been able to make it down South!  Until last week!

You can read more about my summers at Myrtle Beach here, but this time around, since it was just the two of us, I thought my granny and I would drive down to Savannah instead!

This pretty city is a mecca for anyone who loves oak trees!!  And that's me!!

Our favorite stop was at Juliette Gordon Low's home!  
My granny and I are both former Girl Scouts, so it was fun to tour the historical home together!

I loved being in the girl scouts for 11 years growing up! I'm still in contact with my fellow daisies, and in fact, we have a reunion planned over Thanksgiving break!

A great spot to shop for yummy bath goodies is Nourish.  I picked up a delicious white tea & ginger candle, and some bath fizzies!  They actually had my favorite Magnolia scent as well!
Savannah Bee Company is worth a stop too!  They have a zillion honeys to sample, and they can tell you so much about the bee population.  Very interesting and important stuff!

Leopold's Ice Cream is a hugely popular historic ice cream shoppe!  
They have a movie theme, which really just means they have a couple movie posters on the wall!  My granny and I happened to luck out with no line, but every other time we passed by, the line wrapped around the block!

One restaurant I highly recommend is Square 22 Bar & Restaurant in the Andaz Hyatt.  It was fantastic! This restaurant gets all their food from a farm in the area!

Look at that mint julep!  And that cheese plate!! Yum!

We went on a haunted ghost trolley tour and really loved it!!  I would highly recommend it!  They offer all sorts of tours, walking and trolley.  Because my granny could only walk so much, we took a trolley tour during the day and for our ghost tour! 

Last, but certainly not least, was the Forrest Gump movie sights!

First stop, Chippewa square is where his bus bench scenes were filmed.  The bunch isn't actually there, which sucks, but you can still see the scene!

The church used in the opening floating feather scene was filmed here!

And finally, this restaurant is where they filmed scenes of Jenny as a waitress!

One place I really wanted to visit was Flannery O'Connor's childhood home, but it was closed the whole weekend (even though it was supposed to be open!).

Now I'll let these pictures do the talking!

All in all, we loved Savannah!  It was really small and very easy to walk around!  And so cute!!
Isn't my granny just adorable?
This house is actually in Fayetteville, right around the corner from my granny's house:
TWO rooftop decks???  Sweet!!!!
My journey home spanned over 14 hours.  Yikes!  I was so happy to get home to hug and squeeze Mia!
Have you ever been to Savannah?  Is it on your list?