Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Scenes Around Seattle

Before we dive into September, I don't want to forgot about our summer in Seattle (although it's been 80 most of September, summer is definitely still here!)!
Rachel's Ginger Beer is our addiction!!  We love ginger beer, and this place in the market brews it right there!  They have lots of flavors, and you can get growlers filled, or stay awhile and have a mixed drink (bring your dog too!). Yum!
Wild Mountain Cafe is pretty close to our house and famous for their benedicts.  They serve them on "potato cakes" instead of English muffins; they are also known for their giant cinnamon rolls that sell out quickly!
I had a delicious tofu scramble!
Tim and I went to this fun neighborhood fair in the area we want to buy a house in (although, that plan is off the table!).   This place totally catered to dogs and had this cute pool set up for puppies to cool off in!
I didn't expect Mia to like it because she hates water!
Oh, also?  Snow cones!  Sold!

Bouldering at the Seattle Bouldering Project!! Tim, let's be members, OK?!
Wood fire bagels that I mentioned here...we are slowly becoming obsessed!!!

A new friend invited me over for a BBQ on her building's rooftop!!

Wow!!  What an amazing view!

We had a spontaneous happy hour at Wasabi Bistro! Mmm sushi!

(and had to have another birthday celebration!)
Mariner's game/work outing!
Piroshky Piroshky...sooooooooooo good!
Sounders! Did you guys hear about this story?  Made me cry at the game!!
Trying Paseo's for the first time!  Definitely worth the hype!!
Tofu Con Gusto and a Caribbean Roast sandwich.  SO GOOD!!!!
This summer was the summer of Ride the Duck Tours!  We rode the ducks twice in three weeks!  This was our first ever ride, for a friend's birthday, and that's the way to do it!  We took over the whole boat, which was super fun!

Mia at the dog park!  She was feeling anti-social that day!
The Book of Mormon came to town, and since I was heavily down with the flu last time I saw it, we had to get tickets again!
We happened to be going the same night as some other friends, so we had dinner first!

Lastly, I went to a burlesque show with some friends.  It was fantastic!! We all loved it and are ready to go to more!!  Highly recommend this :)

What a fun summer!  Kind of excited for fall though!

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