Monday, September 22, 2014

Old Time Aviation

A year and a half ago, Tim's parents gave us a gift certificate for a place ride over Seattle in an old timey, open cock pit plane!  We finally were able to schedule the ride this weekend, and oh my gosh it was so awesome!
  ^ That was the plane we were in!!  Awesome!!

We got to wear these cool old school bomber jackets too!

We brought our new GoPro (that we're still learning how to use).  Here's a video we took of the ride:

I really like the almost fish eye lense that the GoPro gives you!  Like this picture:
Neat huh?  We definitely have some learning to do with this camera!  It's got a wide lense, which is great, but it has no view finder, so we never really know if we're getting the shot or not!

The first time we used the GoPro, we took it to go stand up paddle boarding for the first time!

Right now, we don't have any mounts for it.  We're planning on picking up an extension pole and a handle bar mount soon!


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