Saturday, September 6, 2014

Montreal, QC Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of this post, check it out here!

Continuing where we left off, let me share some of the places we ate!

Santos Cafe and Lounge was so gorgeous!  This was the first place we went to when we arrived, for a pitcher of fresh strawberry mojitos!  Sooooo good!  The interior was eclectic and wonderful, and we were joined by some soccer fans to watch the World Cup!

We couldn't go to Canada without trying poutine!  Even though we live close to Canada, I've never tried it!
Olive & Gourmando came highly recommended both in my research and by local residents.  It was so adorable!  We only made it there just before closing and only had these yummy teas, but I would love to go back and eat there!

Juliette & Chocolat had a few locations throughout Montreal.  We were planning on stopping by at some point for desert, but instead ended up here first thing in the morning for some DELICIOUS crepes!

Oh yeah, and lots of desert :).  So delicious!!!

We just loved all the outdoor eating areas that all the restaurants build every summer!  Apparently they tear them down each winter and rebuild the next year.  Sounds a little crazy!
Obsessed with these sidewalk cafe chairs that were everywhere!  I must get a set one day!

We were there for the Jazz Festival, which is the biggest one in the world, but we only ended up going to one show!

I'll left the rest of the photos speak for themselves; this was one beautiful city!

I forgot to mention this in the last post: look at these adorable bike stop lights!!

So cute!

Happy city, happy trip!  Can't wait to return!

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