Friday, September 5, 2014

Montreal, QC Part 1

Ah, Canada in there anything better?
What about the friendliness of Canada mixed with the beauty of Paris?  MONTREAL!!!!

I've been dreaming about going here for ages, and happened to luck out with airfare that was much much much cheaper than I'd ever seen it before!  (Flights to Montreal are exxxxxxpensive!)  So, I roped in a couple friends, and off to Montreal we went! 

I'll skip over the first day of this story, where we spent 30+ hours in airports before finally boarding our last leg to Canada.  I went first, three hours before the other two!  After a particularly terrifying immigrations interrogation, I finally, finally, finally, I made it to our hotel!

(this isn't our hotel!)
We stayed at the wonderful Hotel Omni Mt Royal (I always book through and take advantage of their Welcome Rewards program!). 

My favorite part of Montreal was the biking!!  It was sooo bike friendly, and they had a wonderful bike-share program called the Bixi set up (Bike+Taxi=Bixi!).
We took a bike tour during our first full day, and it was wonderful!  The city is flat except for one hill.  I could definitely live in a flat city!!

In the Quarter Latin, the city has created a new summer tradition.  On their main street, they hang up thousands and thousands of pink balls to support equal rights.  It's seriously fabulous!


I became obsessed with their bagels too!  Montreal is famous for their bagels, which are very different than the New York style bagels that we're used to!  In Montreal, you get a chewy bagel with a crispy outside, covered in sesame seeds.  Mmm!!!

I was so obsessed with them that I found a place in Seattle, Eltana, that serves the same wood fire style bagels!
Montreal has a few mini replicas of European churches.

Their mini St Peter's Basilica is an exact replica....

However, their copy of Paris's Notre Dame is identical on the outside, but very different inside.
We attended this light show/historical performance thingy, and it was gorgeous!!!

The whole city was a wonderful mix of new and old.  Trendy but classic.  I loved every minute of it!

I'll be back tomorrow with more photos, to tell you about our favorite food and show you more gorgeous buildings!

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