Thursday, September 11, 2014

Five Years!

This summer, Tim and I celebrated being married for five whole years!  Wow, we were really babies when we got married!

Actually, it was exactly two months ago today!  Our anniversaries: sponsored by 7/11 everywhere. 

The big day fell on a Friday this year, so we both took it off and made ourselves a three day weekend.

We kicked things off Thursday night, when Tim took me to a new-ish tapas restaurant, Ocho.  Very yummy!  There were lots of vegetarian options, and we loved the outdoor seating!  

Tim surprised me with this gorgeous pink Kate Spade watch I'd been eying!
Next we took a stroll around the corner to visit one of our favorite desert places in the city, Hot Cakes!  Molten lave chocolate cake, butter beer, and many other treats!  I mean come on, could it be any better?  Oh yeah it can, they also have alcoholic milkshakes.  Mmmmm!

 We finished off the evening by going to an outdoor movie with the puppy.  Grease is the word!

Oh yeah, and you gotta have mini champagnes on any occasion, right?
The next morning we were up bright and early to go on a mini backpacking trip!  Lena Lake is a really good beginners trail.  This was Mia's first time backpacking, and only her second hike ever, so we wanted to keep things nice and easy for her.  And, we got extra time to lounge by the lake!

Lena Lake Trail 

Length: 5 miles round trip (so, 2.5 miles a day)

Elevation Gain: 1300 ft. 

Rate: 520 ft/mile

The trail is really really popular!  We set up camp in the middle of a bunch of groups, but we were lucky enough to enjoy a bit of lake side peace!  Mia ran around in the grassy field, Tim swam, and I caught up on my book!  

Not a bad view to fall asleep/wake up to!

Mia actually listened when we called her the entire trip.  Huge deal for Miss-Chase-Me-Chase-Me-Chase-Me!

When we got home Saturday afternoon, we deposited an exhausted Mia in her bed and went down to Belltown!!  We had an anniversary party to attend!!  But first, happy hour with two of my favorite people!  At one of my favorite places, The Innkeeper! Yum!

The night was lovely, it's always nice to have your nearest and dearest gathered to celebrate with you!
Sunday was picture day!  We were meeting my long time co-worker and friend who is a professional photographer on the weekends.  She was taking some anniversary photos for us!  
You can see the pics tomorrow!!!
We stopped at Pikes Place on the way to try out Biscuit Bitch.  It was delicious!  They make a vegan mushroom gravy, and even have delicious veggie sausage!  Even though I ordered the wrong thing, it was so yummy and I can't wait to go back and order the right thing!!
It was a wonderful weekend and the perfect way to celebrate the last five years!!  We may have been married for five, but we've actually been together for ten years next March!! And we're going to Spain to celebrate!!  It's been the best ten years ever, with the perfect guy for me!  I love having deep conversations with him one night, and then laughing at the stupidest things the next.  He agrees to every crazy idea I have, and is my biggest supporter.  I love you Tim!
Whew!  This was a really long post to match our really long weekend!! 

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  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend. The pictures of Mia are adorable!


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