Friday, September 12, 2014

Five Years: Photoshoot

Tim and I were lucky enough to have two photoshoots for our five year anniversary!  For the first one, we went with my mom to the spot we got married (they live right around the corner). 

These photos were taken in Poulsbo, WA, at the Sons of Norway building and the gazebo in the waterfront park.

Funny story, we never got any photos of the two of us on our actually wedding day (long story), so we really like getting these photos taken occasionally!  Someday I will have to post some wedding photos!

The next week, we went with my co-worker/professional photographer friend to shoot around Seattle.  Funny story, she made the cupcakes at my wedding, at the time contemplating a cupcake business.  At the wedding, she ended up taking a lot of photos, most of which ended up being my favorites!  I recommended her to my aunt and uncle when they got married the following year, and the rest is history! She took some awesome one year anniversary photos for us as well, which I'll have to post! 

See her blog post here, and be sure to check out her photography website here! She made a super cool gif of us!!

These were all taken in Freeway Park, in Seattle. 

And my favorite of all...
Aren't they all just soooo pretty?!?!  I love them all!!!!  Thanks Melissa and mommy dear!


  1. THESE ARE SO FUN! Especially that last one! It's perfect.

  2. These turned out great! I really do love the last one, just perfect!

    Also, the black & white one from above where you two are kissing - it feels like a legit moment. Not a fakey one you sometimes get when you kiss on camera. Totally tell you guys are killing it on the relationship front. :)


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