Sunday, September 21, 2014

27th Birthday!

August was my birthday month!!!! Wooo!!

This year was extra special because my brother and his girlfriend flew up from LA to spend the weekend with us!  My whole family came to my birthday party :)!  More on our fun weekend in my next post!
On my actual birthday, Tim and I went to Pink Door for dinner.  It's this cute little Italian restaurant in Pike Place that regularly has performers, a burlesque show, and an amazing view of the Puget Sound from their desk.

My birthday present from Tim was this gold bar cart:
Isn't she purdy??  I'm still working on how I want to style it, but this is how it looks right now :)

My present to myself was this necklace:

To celebrate, I invited my favorite people and we went down to Keys on Main (formally Chopstix).  

Uh, did someone forget to invite me to the family photo?
There was a completely embarrassing moment when I had to go on stage with my friend's husband (don't ask)!

The next week, I went to a favorite speakeasy, Knee High Stocking Company (I wrote about it before, here!).

Look at those cute suspenders!!

Lots of fun!  Thank you to everyone that made my birthday super special :)!  

And since it's my birthday.....puppy pictures!!

Oh that face!!!


  1. A very special family weekend!

  2. First off, I love that you have a "favorite speakeasy." I don't think I could name one.

    Secondly, what a fun birthday week! (Sorry for just commenting; is it weird that I'm catching up on August blogs in October?!) :)


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