Thursday, September 25, 2014

Snow Lake Trail

Snow Lake Trail 

Length: 6.4 miles round trip

Elevation Gain: 1000 ft. 

Rate: 312 ft/mile

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Birthday Weekend/Brother Visit!

I told you about my birthday a few days go; now let me tell you about the weekend my brother and his girlfriend came to visit!

My parents got a hotel room in Seattle for the weekend as well, so all six of us could hang out!

Friday night, before my brother arrived, Tim and I took my parents to one of our favorite places, Rumba!!!

After delicious tacos, plantains, rum punches and rum old fashioneds, we headed down to another favorite spot of mine, Frolik!

Frolik is a rooftop lounge in the middle of the city.  It's only on the 5th floor, but it's definitely got a great vibe going on!  I've never actually gone at night before, so it was interesting to see it in it's "club" scene!!
They also have shuffleboard, ping pong, fireplaces, and pretty lights!

The next morning, we had a family lunch.  My birthday, my dad's, and my uncle's all fall within 16 days of each other, so we always have one family get together for them.
This year, we went to Tim and mine's favorite neighborhood spot, Naked City Brewery!  The have the best food!  Well, and beer of course!
The rest of the day was spent doing touristy things among Pike Place Market, the Ferris Wheel, etc!
"I mat be an old dude, but I for to see all the cool bands"
See that look of enthusiasm here?
That night, we headed to my birthday party!! More here!
I love this picture my mom took:
The next morning we tried a new place for brunch, Bell + Whete in Belltown!  Delish!
Then some more walking around before my mom made us go on Ride the Ducks!
Love this pic!  Wish it wasn't blurry!

Last but the best, we went to seriously one of the best places around, the Innkeeper!! Omgosh I love everything there, so yummy!!!!
Thanks for coming up for my birthday, James and Megan!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Old Time Aviation

A year and a half ago, Tim's parents gave us a gift certificate for a place ride over Seattle in an old timey, open cock pit plane!  We finally were able to schedule the ride this weekend, and oh my gosh it was so awesome!
  ^ That was the plane we were in!!  Awesome!!

We got to wear these cool old school bomber jackets too!

We brought our new GoPro (that we're still learning how to use).  Here's a video we took of the ride:

I really like the almost fish eye lense that the GoPro gives you!  Like this picture:
Neat huh?  We definitely have some learning to do with this camera!  It's got a wide lense, which is great, but it has no view finder, so we never really know if we're getting the shot or not!

The first time we used the GoPro, we took it to go stand up paddle boarding for the first time!

Right now, we don't have any mounts for it.  We're planning on picking up an extension pole and a handle bar mount soon!